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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
09/04/18 10:57

Musso expanded its yard fleet

Grendi made new investments in its equipment, while waiting for the next flagship Rosa dei Venti

After its first development phase amounting to 2.5 million euro in 2016, the Genoa-based shipping company and logistics operator Grendi further expanded its specialised fleet with new yard units. 

Two years ago the entrepreneur Antonio Musso had launched a new organizational stage in the management of yard and ro-ro handling by adopting a widespread handling procedure in Northern European ports based on the use of “cassettes” that can carry 4 24' or 2 45' units. Said intermodal loading units can be transferred with a single handling operation through “translifters”, i.e. special fifth wheels coupled up to terminal tractors for trailers, providing a 125% net load capacity increase.

Between 2015 and 2016 Grendi purchased: 5 translifters from the Finnish TTS Liftec, 5 tugmasters from the Dutch Terberg, 50 TTS Liftec cassettes manufactured in China and 100 cassettes manufactured by Cherasco-based (Cuneo) Sicom.

“As the translifter+cassette system works very well, we are planning further investments in this sector to support traffic increase and evaluate new projects”, Musso confirmed to Ship2Shore. “We purchased another 50 cassettes from Liftec – manufactured in China and delivered on Visentini's newbuilding Rosa dei Venti arriving in a few weeks – and another 50 cassettes from Sicom.

We also purchased a second-hand Terberg fifth wheel equipped for translifters, and a second-hand translifter overhauled and adapted by Liftec. Overall investments during this second stage amount to almost 1 million euro”.

“We are planning further investments for new units (2 fifth wheels and 2 translifters) and another 100 cassettes, related to a new project that could be launched shortly. In this case, we would purchase 2 Saferolls, i.e. more sophisticated and safer translifters, that I personally examined in Rotterdam at the Belgian ro-ro company Cobelfret terminal – which purchased 40 Saferolls for 8,000 linear meters and 3 garage floors (of which 1 for cassettes) ships”, the shipowner confirmed.

Saferolls are more expensive than translifters, almost 10% more compared to the 300,000 euro for the basic product sold by Liftec, which was recently taken over from TTS by Novatech. Although it turned into NT Liftec, its production remained in Pirkkala, close to Tampere (Finland), where it was established in 1991, and where it employs 30 workers. As part of Novatech's Ports & Logistics division, NT Liftec designs and distributes system for the loading and unloading of vessels inside ports, as well as other solutions to handle heavy materials. The company's portfolio includes container and freight cassettes handling systems providing a wide range of services and after-sale  ability.

The increase in expenses is due to technical reasons as at the end of May the new flagship Rosa dei Venti will arrive in Marina di Carrara from China, while in mid-June the family company founded in 1828 as a freight forwarding enterprise will celebrate its 190 anniversary.

The orders with NC Liftec and Terberg will be placed through their distributor in Italy, i.e. Genoa-based Manuport, whose owner Fabio Fiorenzuola explained their technological qualities.

“We are Liftec's distributors in Italy since several years and we have followed Grendi's project from the very beginning. The difference between Saferolls and Translifters is minor, but the first units provide for a better distribution on tractors, therefore also greater stability and safety while driving forward on a sloping ramp. Since Saferolls must be coupled up to adapted Terberg tractors, Liftec and Terberg have been working in close cooperation to achieve this unique system”.

Angelo Scorza

TAG : Handling