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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
25/06/19 11:53

MSC took over a further unit for Messina fleet

Ro-ro Tasmanian Achiever was purchased in Australia and will be chartered out to Genoa-based sister company, to be engaged on the Gioia Tauro – Tunis link

Few days after the closing which concerned Marinvest of Gianluigi Aponte 49% takeover of Messina group, according to market rumours a further company controlled by MSC recently purchased 2,500 linear metres ro-ro unit  to be chartered out to Genoa-based shipping company.

The vessel is the Tasmanian Achiever, 20 years old unit (1999) controlled by Australia-based Toll Shipping, lengthened in 2004 and currently heading for a Turkish shipyard to strengthen decks and be turned into a ‘fitted container’ (provided with twist lock).

According to Shippax, the new unit, to be renamed Jolly Express and to fly Madeira flag, was formally taken over by British Conglomerate Maritime Limited which sealed a bare boat/hire purchase. Sale price wasn't disclosed though the seller asked (as for sister unit Victorian Reliance) 13.5 million Euro.

According to Ship2Shore, starting in July the Jolly Express will be engaged on the Southern Italy – Tunisia rotation Gioia Tauro, Naples and Tunis) replacing ro-ro MSC Bridge (ex Ark Forwarder). Unlike current service offering 360 TEU, the new unit will be capable to double loaded containers, besides rolling cargo.

Nicola Capuzzo

TAG : Ro-ro