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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
18/11/13 16:45

MSC Crociere sells the Melody in India

Over 10 million dollars cashed for the cruiseship which will be converted into a floating hotel based in Goa

After last months’ recurring rumours, MSC Cruises finally formalized the sale of its older cruiseship MSC Melody (1982) with the assistance of Vincenzo Frulio of Unitramp brokering house.
Final buyer is Indian tour operator Sahara India Tourism Conglomerate, recruiting 900 staff, owner of the Plaza Hotel of New York and Grosvenor House of London.
The Melody, whose undisclosed purchase price should exceed 10 million dollars, will be delivered in Goa-India and converted into a floating hotel.
After the sale, MSC Cruises’ fleet will be downsized to 12 units: 4 cruiseships of the Lirica class (60,000 GT), 4 of the Musica (90,000 GT) and 4 of the Fantasia (140,000 GT).
The Melody, that definitely marked the history of Italian shipowning business over the last three decades, was christened in 1981 by Flotta Lauro and acquired by the company owned by Gianluigi Aponte in 1987 cruising as flagship until 2003 (delivery date of the MSC Lirica).
As from early this year the cruiseship was ‘withdrawn from the market’ due to different strategies of the group mainly focusing on the 12 larger units.
In spring 2009 the Melody went to domestic and international headlines for a failed attack of Somali pirates while sailing north of the Seychelles when her crew, headed by Captain Ciro Pinto, successfully defended passengers and ship.

Nicola Capuzzo

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