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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
16/04/18 12:21

MSC Armonia crashed into the quay of a Caribbean port

The accident (published on YouTube) occurred in the port of Roatan, Honduras

MSC Crociere's vessel MSC Armonia had an accident in the port of Roatan (Honduras).

In the video published on YouTube, MSC Armonia approaches the mooring quay at an excessive speed, thus crashing into the fixed structures and causing slight damages to its hull.

MSC Crociere informed that "during the manoeuvring phase, for reasons still to be ascertained, the vessel deviated from its route and scraped against the quay. No passenger or crew member was injured. After the necessary repairs, the ship will sail for Belize".

However, as the video recorded from a nearby restaurant shows, part of the quay finally sank.


TAG : Casualty