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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
11/02/19 11:11

Moby repays debt with the banks and confirms bank transfers from CIN

The company’s ‘opposer’ Mauro Pili revealed that some €85m had been moved from Tirrenia at the end of the past year

On next February 11th Moby Group will regularly pay to the pool of banks lead by Unicredit €50m as an instalment of the loan of €200m granted in 2016. Upon request for a comment on that, the Milan-based group controlled by the Onorato family said that “as for the loan, all the instalments in the past  and in the future had been and will be paid, and the same is going to happen for the one expiring this month”. Some concerns circulated among the financial stakeholders in the last few days on that matter.

The Italian ferry group also confirmed that three bank transfers for a total amount of €85m has been made from CIN Tirrenia to Moby at the end of 2018 but not specifying the reasons behind.

Last but not least, in the last report published by Tirrenia in amministrazione straordinaria (the bad company created in 2012 when Tirrenia was sold to Moby and which is now ‘controlled’ by the Italian Ministry of economic development) emerged that five months ago the commissioners launched a legal action against the Onorato-controlled group aimed at obtaining a financial guarantee for the €55m instalment not paid in 2016 as part of the price of the former public ferry company.

Nicola Capuzzo

TAG : Ferry