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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
03/09/18 10:36

Moby centralized Tuscan cargo in Livorno

The service Piombino-Olbia will remain only for passengers. Onorato: “We will not cause job losses and the service will be more efficient, rapid and frequent”

The Tuscan secretariat of the trade union UGL announced that Moby will close down its service between Piombino and Sardinia (Olbia).

However, Achille Onorato, managing director of the group including also CIN Tirrenia and Toremar – which has long been active in the port of Piombino (and in December 2017 it became a terminal operator in partnership with the ship agency Miele and the cooperative Compagnia Portuali) – explained that this decision will concern only the cargo service, which the company plans to centralize in Livorno (where the group works as terminal operator, with LTM and Porto Livorno 2000) due to economies of scale.

“In order to meet new market demands, the company has to focus on Livorno”, Onorato pointed out, observing that, however, “said centralization will not imply job losses. On the contrary, the service will be more efficient and rapid, and its frequencies will increase”.

For what concerns passengers, “the company will keep a significant number of departures from Piombino to Sardinia, and the group will carry on it expansion plan, focusing on the creation of new jobs in Piombino”, the shipowner went on.

However, being worried about the possible negative impact on employment, UGL asked for a meeting with the Port Authority of Livorno/Piombino, pointing out that “the creation of new quays east of the breakwater (still under construction, ed.) should have been a significant turning point for the development of the port with water depths at 20 meters. Instead, in the past year we reported a loss both in trade and tourism handling”.


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