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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
29/10/18 11:13

Michele Francioni hired by Vago and Aponte

Former Rina Services CEO was appointed at the helm of MSC Crociere

Francioni Michele (Rina) NC 0210

A few months after he resigned from Rina Group, Michele Francioni moved from Genoa to Geneva to work for Gianluigi Aponte, together with his son-in-law Pierfrancesco Vago.

As a matter of fact, former Rina Services CEO was recently appointed as MSC Crociere Senior Vice President for Cost Optimization and Process Improvement. He will report directly to Vago, and cooperating with Gianni Onorato and all the top management of the Swiss cruise company.

His workplace will be Geneva, but Francioni will often visit MSC Group branches in Sorrento, London and Genoa, hosting the departments dealing with the fleet's technical management.

As Senior Vice President for Cost Optimization and Process Improvement, Francioni will focus on the organization of the company in its rapid development, dealing with various issues such as energy efficiency and ship maintenance, the necessary innovations for newbuildings (including also LNG supply) as well as the adaptation to international regulations governing naval emissions, in particular the imminent introduction (from 2020) of the sulphur cap limit.

Nicola Capuzzo  

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