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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
29/07/19 11:22

Melfi Marine implemented its service between Cuba and Italy

The company's CEO announced an increase in volumes of charcoal towards the Mediterranean and the introduction of higher capacities

X-Press Makalu al Terminal Darsena Toscana

Genoa –  Cuban shipping company Melfi Marine is getting ready to increase the capacity of its ships deployed on the maritime connection with Italy within the Medcamex service. CEO Pavel Martinez Sanchez explained that "Cuba's foreign trade has always been closely linked to Italy, which is one of its main commercial partners. The Cuban shipping company Melfi has long been serving also the products exported by Italy to Cuba".

With Generali as its Italian agent, the shipping company currently provides a regular service on a 10 days basis deploying container ships with a 1,850 TEUs capacity.

"To this connection, we will add ships with a capacity of up to 2,200 TEUs. Moreover, two new Mexican ports (Altamira and Veracruz) were recently added to the service and they will be served directly, without transhipment, for the cargoes between the Gulf of Mexico and Italy", Melfi CEO announced.    

In Italy, the ports of call will be Livorno and Genoa, but many cargoes arrive also from Catania and Naples through feeder services. "As concerns volumes, we handle some 400 TEUs for each round trip in Italy, but we aim at increasing these figures. Exports of charcoal from Cuba to Italy are increasing significantly. Part of these cargoes are unloaded, while a significant part is transhipped to be transported to Turkey, Greece and other Mediterranean ports", Martinez Sanchez concluded.


Nicola Capuzzo

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