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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
27/12/17 10:56

Mattioli: “We must keep on being strong, enthusiastic and confident, reconciling everybody's interests”

Confitarma's new president sent an optimistic Christmas message to the Italian shipping community, entrusting Angelo D'Amato with his previous office at the Italian Seamen's Fund

Confitarma's new president Mario Mattioli delivered his optimistic Christmas speech to the Italian shipping community.

“During the closing year many significant changes took place within the world's economic scenario that affected our sector. As a matter of fact, the long crisis started in 2008 appears to be finally over, but we know from experience that we must never lower our guard”, the Neapolitan shipowner started off.

“Although at the end of the year we usually evaluate everything that has been done, as newly elected president I urge all the Confederation's members to look to the future”, Mattioli continued before thanking “all the members for their confidence in me, for their efforts to overcome all the difficulties that we faced and for having believed that together we can get over all obstacles.

We must keep on being strong, enthusiastic and confident in our Association, knowing that our first objective is protecting our companies' interests, providing rules and regulations to allow Italian shipping companies to be competitive in the sectors in which they operate”.

To avoid divisions, the new leader asked all the members to provide the necessary consent and unity of purpose, despite their different nature and the fact that many delegations within the transport sector are undergoing an identity crisis, thus giving rise to new initiatives, some of which strongly opposing the existing ones.

After 35 years in Confitarma, from January the 1st 2018 General Manager Gennaro Fiore will be replaced by Luca Sisto, joined by the Executive Committee chaired by Confitarma's  newly elected President and including the past president, the president of the young shipowners group, the presidents of the permanent technical Committees, the Treasurer and other members appointed by the Board: Mariella Amoretti, Paolo Cagnoni, Carlo Cameli, Angelo D’Amato, Emanuele Grimaldi, Guido Grimaldi, Domenico Ievoli, Giovanni Delle Piane, Giacomo Gavarone, Alessandra Grimaldi, Beniamino Maltese, Lorenzo Matacena, Alcide Ezio Rosina, Federica Barbaro.

“Representing the demands of the entire Italian shipping industry implies reflecting and reconciling the views of all the shipping companies operating several types of vessels in various traffics, their points of view and the interests of our member companies. In 116 years, Confitarma gained invaluable experience and skills, therefore I firmly believe that this Association will remain the reference for the entire Italian shipping cluster, including a wide range of categories dealing with the shipping industry, that are inevitably affected by its successes and crises.  

We need to find the right synergy for the good of all those who work within the maritime economy, taking into account both their objectives and common policies, as well as the peculiarity of each category. If we want our cluster to be heard, we need to work together”.

The President made clear that Confitarma is always open to dialogue and confrontation, in mutual respect of all views.

“My main objective is preserving the International Register's regulatory framework, which is the basic instrument providing for our fleet's competitiveness and protecting it from dangerous initiatives, always relying on its members to be able to be increasingly competitive on the Italian and international markets”, concluded Mattioli, who last week suggested his successor for the office that he left when he was appointed President.

“The Board of the Italian Seamen's Fund unanimously appointed as its President Angelo d'Amato – current President of Confitarma's Human Resources, Industrial Relations and Education Commission – while his predecessor Mattioli is Councillor of the Italian Seamen's Fund.

Angelo Scorza 

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