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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
01/07/19 15:04

Mattioli presents Federazione del Mare as Italian shipping ‘parliament’

Rossi (AssArmatori): “We evaluate new nominations but dislike one-track thinking”. United shipowners ask MIT to convene AdSp and Partnership Association's conference

Despite no reconciliation can be envisaged, latest debate between Confitarma's President Mario Mattioli and AssArmatori's Managing Director Alberto Rossi at “#Fattori competitivi 2.0” convention arranged within the Port & Shipping Tech  during Genoa Shipping Week, showed they share mutual opinions, although, according to Mattioli, the Italian shipping cluster should speak unanimously because single associations are two weak to be heard.

Confitarma's President suggested Federazione del Mare as the real blend of different opinions conveyed by the Italian shipping cluster.

Shipping lawyer Alberto Rossi directly replies they are ready to welcome new entries which will be thoroughly evaluated, while also recalling that one-track thinking has never fostered growth and development.

According to Mattioli, Federazione del Mare might be a sort of parliament where different representatives of the Italian shipping cluster can  confront each other to enhance the whole sector.

However, during the debate, panelled by Gian Ezio Duci, President of Federagenti,  Mattioli and Rossi shared mutual opinions.

As reported by Rossi, there's no need to revise art 84/94 because regulations are clear but need to be fully enforced.

“Why doesn't the National Coordination Conference of AdSPs, which should take strategic decisions on infrastructural investments in port areas, which need being supervised by a central government, follow regular scheduling,  nor even meetings of the Partnership Association's, only body gathering private stakeholders, are regularly convened? We must ask MIT to urgently coordinate them pursuant to current law”.

According to AssArmatori's President, poor available state subsidies should be supporting high impact works, particularly considering that the European Commission already determined that  AdSP have to be considered enterprises and, in compliance with current regulations, the allocated subsidies can only comply with community's rules if they are invested in profitable projects”.

Rossi's message to MIT, to urgently convene the national AdsP conference and Partnership Association's meeting was endorsed by Mattioli which focused on the Italian bureaucratic hindrances which cause delays and extra cost, adding that public tenders take longer time than in other European countries, affecting competitiveness.

Mattioli also recalled that major shipowners, operating in containers transport, started vertical integration also joining terminal operators, road transport and logistics activities in order to upgrade performance and cut delays and consequently cost.

Although not all members of the Association agree with this, AssArmatori's president confirms that vertical integration in the logistic chain is a global trend which could be hardly downsized and no alternative scenarios have been developed by those who criticize this attitude.

According to Rossi, investments in Italian container terminals directly managed by liners are higher while traditional terminals are ailing because they can't make the required investments, consequently losing competitiveness and being forced to shut down.

Reference is made both to latest Medcenter Container Terminal of Gioia Tauro – which also involved Minister Danilo Toninelli, MSC (AssArmatori's member; Ed), which accused former partner for not having supported the investments required to relaunch the terminal, having taken over the whole ownership of the concessionaire company  from Contship Italia – and also to  Cagliari International Container Terminal, after Contship determined shutting down their business due to the enduring and irreversible drop of trade, starting collective redundancy procedures for 210 workers

Francesco Bottino

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