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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
04/11/19 09:42

Martico Clerici to enter the market of pork exports to China

Genoa-based logistics operator, recently taken over by Spanish company Martico, is one of the providers appointed to manage the first Italian direct cargoes of reefer containers of the 9 Italian companies authorized by Beijing

The African swine fever almost reduced Chinese pig farms by half, forcing the Asian country to increase imports from Europe significantly. Despite the insufficient attention paid by mass media, this is a very serious problem for the Chinese economy.

In fact, for over a year the world’s first pork consumer country has been trying to stop the infection in vain, therefore the only solution is killing pigs.

To solve this problem, Beijing adopted several extraordinary measures: tens of thousands of tons of frozen pork (imported from Denmark, Germany, France etc…) were auctioned by the Government in order to stabilize supplies and stop the rise in prices caused by the epidemic.

In the first half of 2019, Europe recorded a 42% increase in exportations of pork to China, which imported almost half of the total amount of exports.

While Spain and Germany in Europe (and outside Europe also Brazil) were the first countries to take advantage of this new opportunity, also Italy started exporting pork to Asia.

Several observers regard the approval of the health certificate for exports of frozen pork and slaughtering by-products from Italy to China as “providential”. In fact, thanks to the agreements entered into between the respective Governments and Health Administrations, 9 Italian leading butcher companies in the sector, having all the necessary requirements, were authorized to export pork to China.

Among the companies involved in this business there is also Martico Clerici Srl.

The Genoese logistics operator – which in 2019 was taken over by the Spanish company Martico – is among the providers appointed to manage the first Italian direct cargoes of reefer containers. This new market confirms its leading role in Europe in the export of loading units at controlled temperature.

This case is similar to that of Sicilian oranges, another Made in Italy product which last spring the company headed by Alfonso Clerici started to export to China, in collaboration with Maersk as its shipping carrier.

The protocol related to exports of frozen pork to China specifies the Directorates General for food safety (Dgisan) and for animal and veterinary medicines health (Dgsaf) as competent authorities for Italy concerning the supervision, inspection and quarantine of animal food products, of animal diseases, of the management and of the control measures for animal feeds and veterinary medicines. Said Directorates General must coordinate and supervise the activities which ensure the safety of products exported from Italy, and that are carried out by official veterinaries working at the competent local authorities, being responsible to sign the health certificate agreed upon with China.

Angelo Scorza


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