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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
02/10/17 10:43

Marenzana opened its new workshop for liquid cargoes in the port of Savona

Vado Tank Cleaning, a joint-venture with the Norwegian Stolt Tank inspired by the main tank maintenance depot in the Netherlands, was opened in Vado's former industrial area

“On the opening day of our new joint-venture, we would like to give special thanks to all those that made this possible, first of all Marenzana CEO Alessandro Pais for having turned a problem into an opportunity through a proper case study combining shareholders' interests with territorial social needs. We were supported by STC Moerdijk Depot Manager Dennis Verduyn and by all the parties involved from all over the world. Many thanks to Stolt Singapore and STA Italy design team, to all the construction companies that built it very efficiently, in a very short time and with the highest quality, in particular to G.B. Costruzioni srl. Many thanks also to the equipment suppliers Groninger and Aaqua that provided us with the best available technologies in tank cleaning and heating, waste water treatment and air purification”.

With these enthusiastic speech delivered to its professional entourage, as he had already pointed out during the corporate opening, Alberto Marenzana – Owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the homonymous Piedmontese company specialized in road haulage and liquid and inflammable cargoes – voiced his satisfaction for the opening of Vado Tank Cleaning srl, the joint-venture founded with the Norwegian giant Stolt Tank Container (providing logistics and international transports for dry and liquid chemicals in 28 countries and represented by its Chairman Michael Kramer), through its Stolt Tank Containers Italy branch in Vado Ligure (Savona).

Following its construction phase, at a cost of some 11 million euro, the latter is finally operative, after the Province issued the single environmental authorization for a 2-hectares area of the former industrial complex covering 95,000 sqm at the beginning of 2016.     

Representing the second Marenzana generation at the helm of the company, Alberto Marenzana (who is also a member of the ECTA European association Board) – who joined the company 35 years ago after having completed his economical and legal studies, and became a top manager after a complete apprenticeship – leads the company with its Managing Director Alessandro Pais, who joined Marenzana SpA's Board of Directors in 2001, introducing management control systems and   the organizational model typical of large companies.

The company based in Vado Ligure, in the premises that until 5 years ago hosted OCV Owens Corning Vetrotex (former Vetrotex, former Vitrofil, former Ape), represents also a sort of socio-economic “redemption” for Vado, that in the past years witnessed the shut-down of several plants such as Tirreno Power, but that is currently looking for new markets and job opportunities, also thanks to APM Terminals multi-purpose platform. The former transformation power plant had been purchased by Savona Vado Port Authority (currently included in the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority) to provide power supply to companies working within the port and to the future container terminal's handling equipments.

Vado Tank Cleaning is one of said companies serving this massive port installation.

Tanks will be cleaned with hot water, washing products and pressurised steam obtained from a methane boiler, and waste waters will be discharged into an internal treatment plant. Also emissions, consisting of vapour resulting from cleaning operations and fumes released by the methane boiler used to heat washing-water, must be kept constantly under control.

Customers' tanks of the Italian-Norwegian joint-venture will belong to road transport companies providing services to Vado Ligure industrial companies, in particular Infineum, one of Marenzana's historical customers whose branch has been working in Vado Ligure for years, and whose Chairman Enrico Bertossi attended the opening.

The cleaning plant can carry out 20 cleaning/day for 240 working days, up to 4,800 cleanings per year (unit consumption of 2-3 cubic meters of water).

The plant includes also a maintenance workshop.

Besides improving services for local industries, it will support traffics created by APM Terminals' platform (that will not be used only to handle containers).

“With its strategic position in the north of Italy, our plant can take complete care of chemicals transportation companies' container tanks through the one-stop-shop concept”, Marenzana continued. “In this joint venture, Stolt Tank Containers and Marenzana Spa combine years of experience in the tanktainers and intermodal transport business in one state-of-the-art depot inspired by Stolt Tank Containers Depot in Moerdijk (the Netherlands), that has been operating successfully since 3 years. Our depot not only allows for high quality cleaning, but its modern facilities also make it possible to heat tanks on a 24-hour basis, providing customers with the most efficient and safe solution to deliver their liquid products". 


Angelo Scorza



From the Amazon forest "car-track" to motorways all over Europe


Armando F. Marenzana started dealing with transports in 1959, following his 11-years' experience in the infrastructure business in Venezuela. After having built part of the trans-Amazonian highway on commission of the Caracas government, he got back to Italy and founded the homonymous company in the oil transport sector, that subsequently started working also in the petrochemical and basic chemical industries.   

As most of the Italian companies working in this sector, that started as single-vehicle hauliers and expanded due to the economic boom of that period, the company based in Novi Ligure (Alessandria) witnessed a significant expansion already during the Seventies, but its turning point was in the Eighties, when Marenzana's wife Ada Sterpi developed trading activities and acquired customers such as Montedison, Enichem, Roloil and Mira Lanza.

Since 1984, his son Alberto Marenzana – current reference shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors – joined the company and started its organizational process, leading the company to significant successes. Marenzana kept on adding prestigious names to its trading portfolio, and it became one of the first Italian companies within the sector to get the ISO 9000 Quality certification in 1993. In 1994 it was chosen for the Cefic's SQAS pilot project, while in 1997 it turned into a Joint-stock Company, it opened branches abroad and established several partnerships, the most important one being with RMI Chemical Logistics in Rotterdam. Finally, in 1999 it became one of the founders of the European Chemical Transport Association (ECTA) in Brussels.

At the beginning of 2000, the company decided to replace the management model typical of the sector and based on the owner's hyperactivity with the managerial model. This led to significant investments in human resources, with Alessandro Pais, who joined the company in 2001 and over the years became first Managing Director, and then Marenzana SpA's shareholder through a loyalty plan.

Marenzana is specialised in the transportation of liquid bulk chemicals, both dangerous (ADR 3,5.1,6,8,9) and non-dangerous, and following a partnership with RMI Global Logistics established more than 15 years ago, it became one of the European leaders in tank container intermodal transports on the Benelux-Italy route, as well as a leader in the liquid waste transport sector on the Italy-France route.

It has operational depots in Novara, Busto Arsizio, Le Havre, Rotterdam and Antwerp, as well as intermodal interchange hubs in Orbassano, Aiton, Grenoble and Lyon, while its road traffic hubs are in Marseille, Vado Ligure, Livorno, Mantova, Ferrara and Frosinone. Its management and trading activities are carried out at its registered office in Novi Ligure (Alessandria).

The company owns a fleet of 130 tractors, 260 road tanks and 1,500 tank containers (with RMI). 



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