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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
04/09/17 10:22

Louis Dreyfus to charter the Frijsenborg of Visentini in for 3 years

French shipowner sealed sub-charter agreement with Nordana to serve the logistic chain of Airbus deploying the ro-ro unit of Visemar Levante

After having disrupted their regular service between the Mediterranean and Central-Northern America operated by Nordana (as Weco RoRo brand) to serve break bulk and rolling cargo, ro-ro  units Wedellsborg and Frijsenborg, previously engaged in this line (also calling at Genoa and Leghorn), were back on the market.

The two units, with a capacity of 2,600 linear metres and both flying the Italian flag, were built at Cantiere Navale Visentini in 2014 and 2016 and currently belong to sister company  Visemar Levante, that chartered them out to Nordana on long term contracts (bare boat  for the Wedellsborg and crewed for the Frijsenborg).

Once the line was disrupted, the company started seeking new contracts for the two ships: the Wedellsborg was finally taken by Tirrenia, that sub-chartered her for 18 months to operate the Genoa, Leghorn, Catania and Malta link, while sister unit Frijensborg is temporarily in Genoa at dry docks for some repairing.

After disrupting Med-America line, Nordana sub-chartered the ship to Turkish Ekol, also operating a rolling cargo line between Turkey and Trieste, which returned her in August, nevertheless the Frijsenborg will be shortly operated by Louis Dreyfus France on the Mediterranean-Northern Europe link, to handle Airbus' shipments.

In 2002 the French shipowner established a newco, LD Seaplane (LDS) in partnership with Norwegian Leif Höegh, to ship A380 components manufactured by Airbus in Northern France and  manage the whole logistic chain of the airline.

The Frijsenborg will operate on behalf of LDS as Spirit of Montoir (although formally sub-chartered LDA), on the regular service run by the company among Pauillac (France), Hamburg (Germany), Cadiz (Spain), Mostyn (Great Britain), Naples (Avio Aereo have few facilities in Campania) and Tunisia for the next 3 years.

As agreed with shipowner (Visentini), Nordana will cover all expenses to adjust the ship's stern ramp in order to berth in Cadiz.

Francesco Bottino