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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
29/08/17 09:22

Ligabue in a shopping spree looking eastward

The Italian group, leader of International catering, has acquired the control of Admiral Marine Services based in the United Arab Emirates

The strong international expansion of Ligabue Spa continues.

The Italian Group has in fact acquired the stock control of a company based in the United Arab Emirates; a take-over that seems to anticipate an even more important operation whose contours are unknown, although details are postponed at the time of the closing formalization that seems anyway to be not too far away.

For the time being, Inti Ligabue, the dynamic CEO & Chairman (from April 2012) who inherited the legacy of his late father Giancarlo, announced the acquisition of  70% into Admiral Marine Services, an Abu Dhabi company, not better identified.

Pending clarification details, Admiral Marine is quite a used name in the Middle East, being an important Dubai shipowner specialized in offshore , logistics and supply and rescue services (in turn a part of Admiral Harding Ltd, UK Group) with over 40 years experience in the field, as well as that of an Indian manning and crewing company based in Chennai.

The official comment from Venice, currently focused on imminent developments, is that "this operation is part of the Ligabue Group's growth strategy and will strengthen our market position in the offshore sector in the Middle East, a priority region for our future expansion. "

For sure, thanks to the renewed shareholding company with the entry of external shareholders from investment funds and the helm taken firmly by the young Ligabue - who, after completing studies at Bocconi and Harvard, came in the family firm when just over twenty years old at the beginning of the millennium - the Venetian company is reviving the fashions of the past, quickly forgetting that darker phase lived a decade ago, in conjunction also with the physical decline of Giancarlo Ligabue. This seems to be the best way to celebrate, in a two-year period, the first century of an activity founded by Anacleto Ligabue in 1919.

Angelo Scorza