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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
30/07/18 11:01

Liberia’s flag gets larger than others’

The West African registry is currently the fastest growing in shipping and offshore during 2018

Liberian flag 6919922

Liberia could rejoice from the statistics just released by leading shipping services provider Clarksons in its World Fleet Monitor June 2018.

In fact the West African registry is the fastest growing among the big ones in 2018 in both the shipping and offshore sectors.

Liberia has grown by 2.2% in terms of gross tonnage overall so far this year, while Panama showed negative numbers and the Marshall Islands grew by 1.7%.

In the offshore sector the Liberian-flag fleet growth has peaked at 8.2% so far in 2018, outscoring Panama (-1.8%), the Marshall Islands (+2.6%), and the Bahamas (+2%).

“The market recognizes that Liberia has improved its services and invested in technology to make the lives of its clients easier without increasing its fees. This is in stark contrast to our competitors, who have put into place steep fee increases and added costs, without significant forms of savings for owners, despite the difficult market conditions” claimed Alfonso Castillero, CCO of the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR), the US-based manager of the Liberian Registry. ““Despite high scrapping volumes in recent years, the Liberian Registry has shown significant growth while maintaining a reputation for the highest standards of safety and responsiveness. Liberia continues to live up to its commitment to helping shipowners navigate what are – despite certain recent positive improvements - still very difficult market conditions. The Liberian Registry responds quickly to issues involving owners, and in many instances anticipates difficulties before they arise. In this way, it helps keep Liberian-flag ships moving efficiently and safely along global trade routes.”