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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/07/19 11:42

Latest record-breaking cocaine seizure in Philadelphia hurts MSC

After three months only, USA Government suspends Geneve-based group's C-TPAT certification, for which extra cost and delays might occur in US ports

Latest record-breaking 17-tons cocaine seizure (worth over 1.1 billion dollars), detected on MSC Gayane in Philadelphia, definitely risk to affect Geneve-based company's operations.

As announced by the company, USA customs office suspended (“not cancelled”) the company's C-TPAT (Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) for 90 days.

Voluntary declaration, introduced in 2001 after September 11th attacks, turned into a plan participated by thousand companies, carrier and freight forwarders, which accepted to undergo spot audits conducted by US customs authority in exchange for cargo low risk certifications, essentially granting fewer surveys and inspections in US ports and consequently fewer delays and expensive storage in port area.

MSC informed their customers they suffered no restrictions to operate in the US adding that their C-TPAT  certificate's suspension doesn't directly affect them .

The company assured they will be intensively committed to cooperate with US customs office so as to receive the certificate again.

Even Maersk, joining MSC in the 2M consortium, pinpointed that “MSC does not envisage being affected in the short term”and that their ships, being the company provided with C-TPAT certificates, “are suffering no hindrance”.

US press has recently announced that 6 crew members of the MSC Gayane are being investigated by Philadelphia local court, chaired by William McSwain.

As recalled by US press, last February 1.5 tons cocaine were found in New York on MSC Carlotta, while two months later the ship was searched in Callao and 2.4 tons were discovered.

Furthermore, last January, Mexico customs office found cocaine on the MSC Divina in Cozumel.





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