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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
06/08/18 10:23

Italy driving BV's growth

The French classification society recorded positive results also in the first half of 2018, increasing its turnover and employment in Italy

The results related to the first half of 2018 certify that the French classification society BV's turnover and employment increased significantly in Italy, where it is operative since 1839.

As a matter of fact, Bureau Veritas Italia confirmed its positive trend and contributed to the growth of the group, which increased its revenues by 6.1% worldwide.

By mid-2018, Bureau Veritas Italia further accelerated its 2017 positive trend with a 53.6 million euro turnover, witnessing a 12% growth compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

On an annual basis, they expect a further increase compared to the end of 2017, when they achieved a 102 million euro turnover. This rising trend is in line with the last 4-years period, when BV  recorded a turnover of 74 million euro (2014), 89 million euro (2015) and 94 million euro (2016).

Said growing trend is confirmed by the recruitment of 52 new collaborators since the beginning of the year. Bureau Veritas Italy's total number of employees at the end of 2017 amounted to 750 units.

The increase in financial statement values resulted mainly from Commodities services, followed by Testing services.

Development prospects are positive also as concerns traditional services: certification, due to innovation and transition of Quality, Environment and Safety regulations, as well as skills certification services, witnessing a steady double-digit growth. 

The Industrial department confirmed the growing trend of the first half of the year due to the combined effect of the growing demand related to exports and to Industrial Asset Management Services.

Said double-digit growth involved also the Transport and Infrastructures department, having as its reference market large Infrastructures and professionals within this segment.

The overall growth recorded in almost all segments, in compliance with the constant development trends established in the past seven years, is the result of a specific strategy implemented with resolution: “Continuous innovation, qualitative growth – also of our staff – constant anticipation of demand, as well as widespread and on-time customer services are the keys to success along a dividing line between those who look for the market and those who are within it”, Bureaus Veritas Italia Chairman Ettore Pollicardo explained.

“In fact, Bureau Veritas consolidated its core businesses by strengthening its traditional industries, but it also started new activities that are producing results beyond expectations”.