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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
16/04/18 11:54

Italian right-wing party Fratelli d’Italia against the International Registry

The party led by Giorgia Meloni is trying to change hiring regulations by amending the legislative decree implementing the European directive related to seafarers

Giorgio Meloni

The Italian right-wing party Fratelli d'Italia rejoiced in its first significant success against the International Ship Registry.

On Facebook, the party's leader Giorgia Meloni announced “Fratelli d'Italia's victory” as, thanks to her political party, “the measures to be examined by the Special Commission of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and Senate include the legislative decree implementing the European directive related to seafarers”.

After the so called Cociancich amendment added to the European law of 2016 and currently awaiting approval by Brussels, the International Ship Registry is going to face the “draft legislative decree implementing the (EU) directive 2015/1794 that amends the directives 2008/94/CE, 2009/38/CE and 2002/14/CE, as well as the directives 98/59/CE and 2001/23/CE related to seafarers”.

“During the election campaign we undertook to approve a law providing for tax reliefs only for  shipping companies with 90% Italian crews. The fact that these companies, hiring 8 foreign seafarers out of 10, receive state aids and enjoy total exemption from pension contributions is unacceptable because it damages Italian seafarer, favouring non-EU underpaid staff. Today we took the first step to stop this unfair competition, and our party is determined to achieve this goal”, Meloni concluded.

Confitarma is going to defend the Law n.30 of 1998 establishing the International Registry.

Nicola Capuzzo