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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/07/19 12:17

Information breaking the screen since 2004

Over 150 readers attended last week the cocktail party celebrating Ship2Shore’s 15th anniversary

“Good luck Ship2Shore, an unprecedented on-line shipping, ports and transport trade magazine”

That's what we wrote on our n. 0 issue, on October 12th 2004, to announce the launching of our innovative publishing product.

At that time S2S somehow set sail headlights off, although in the subsequent 5 years the magazine started to compete with international media 'sailing in English', still helmed by a single man.

After 15 years of intensive commitment, originally supported by the long wave of prosperity which deceived the whole shipping industry and subsequently being capable of tackling the global recession, which also affected the press, our crew-manned vessel essentially turned into a very successful brand.

For this reason, after 15 years of activity, though without excessive emphasis but certainly proud for having successfully developed our idea, we thought it was time to celebrate our anniversary on June 27th during latest bi-annual Genoa Shipping Week.

As already occurred in 2009 during our ‘vernissage’ of the new headquarters, when a few hundred followers visited us, the shipping community once again supported our initiative, clearly showing they appreciate our multifaceted team thoroughly committed to preserve the high quality service.

Over 150 special guests from Italy and also from foreign countries welcomed in the fascinating Palazzo Rosso courtyard in the magnificent aristocratic Garibaldi Street to celebrate the enduring partnership among operators and us, the observers of shipping-port, logistics and transport sectors.

We cannot mention all attendees – not only for privacy reasons – nevertheless, we were very proud having welcomed representatives of the major Italian Associations, as featured in our video and photo-gallery, while S2S 15-years history is illustrated by another video (see link at footnote).

We took this occasion to illustrate how this adventure, started in 2004 in a single room hired in a professional firm (after having been approved and financially supported by a poker of outstanding strategic not operating partners), growing exponentially since the very beginning: in January 2015, after free distribution, Ship2Shore started to ask for subscriptions, gathering our enduring 10% core-community which is still following us today.

Going through four different web layouts which revived our logo, S2S played its second big game in 2013, turning into a daily magazine providing breaking news, essentially beating some imitation attempts and still preserving its leadership.

This successful result – as recalled in the opening greetings – ensues from the commitment of our team, whose front man is regularly travelling in Italy and abroad to spread S2S motto.

Nevertheless all this PR business couldn't be developed without the collaborators (accounting, secretariat, marketing, editorial desk, graphic design, translation) supporting the goals.

For this reason, all 10 S2S in-house staff members jumped into the so much deserved limelight.

We have no intention to stop rowing. Our 15 years anniversary is a springboard to continue working as we've always done, searching the news, unveiling the background hidden behind any press release so as to provide the value added demanded by readers.

“Being fair and report with objective fairness, analysing as neutral observers facts and events which describe business aspects …. quality standard we always aim in this complicated (but unique and fascinating) sector... producing professional information in an independent, technical, commercial press, finally political as long as it is necessary to safeguard operators' interests, too often overwhelmed by inexplicable decisions from the institutions...” we wrote in 2004.

We set non-ordinary goals, however necessary to preserve the quality of the service we'd like to offer; the readers can evaluate whether we matched them after so many years.

As summarised in our 15th Anniversary slogan, we firmly believe Ship2Shore is information breaking the screen, whatever the device you are reading it!

Angelo Scorza

Editor in Chief


Video 15 years (2004-2019)

Video 15 Anniversary - Cocktail

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