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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
09/10/17 11:17

Ievoli sells tanker Rita in China

Marnavi had seemingly earned little over 5 million from the sale of old-dating chemical unit built in 1996

After having reached 13 units last year, the chemical tankers fleet owned by Naples-based Marnavi has currently returned to 12.

According to market sources, chemical tanker Rita, built in 1996 by Società Esercizio Cantieri (SEC) of Viareggio, flying the Maltese flag and capable to transport 13,800 dwt, was allegedly purchased, for some 5.2 million dollars, by Chinese buyers.

No comment was released by the company of the Ievoli family, operating in chemical cabotage and other shipping segments, also supported by some drinking-water tankers, anti-pollution ships and a variety of 16 offshore units.

With the sale of the Rita, Marnavi's small-size chemical tankers fleet, with capacity ranging from 5,400 and 26,500 dwt, goes down to 12 after they grew to 13 in December 2016 when the shipping company bought 13,700 dwt oil/chemical tanker Quercianella (built in 2004 and previously owned by Leghorn-based Navigazione di Cabotaggio) at auction for 6.5 million dollars.

Afore mentioned assets – together with other units operating in different business segments – helped Marnavi overcome latest market downturn also enhancing their market share.

In 2016 the company's sales dropped to 112.4 million Euro, from 121.3 recorded the previous year, while, after a considerable spending review in operating costs, net results grew from 4.6 million Euro profit, in 2015, to 5.2 millions in 2016.

Francesco Bottino


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