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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/10/18 10:46

Ievoli: double shot in China at Wuchang shipyard

Naples-native shipowner would allegedly shortly exert buying option for a second unit to be deployed in Marnavi Chem newco's fleet

Ievoli determined to double their commitment with Chinese Wuchang shipyard, by commissioning a second chemical tanker to be deployed in Marnavi Chem's fleet, recently founded in partnership with Simest (one of the companies controlled by CDP - Cassa Depositi e Prestiti).

As reported by TradeWinds, the Naples-native shipowner, holding Marnavi group, had allegedly exerted buying option with Wuchang shipyard, as negotiated in last December order.

Nevertheless – as told Ship2Shore by Marnavi – for the time being the second order hasn't been signed, few technical details are still missing and subsequently the order will be formalized.

The first ship, worth 26.5 million Euro (financed by a pool encompassing BPM-Gruppo Banco BPM and Mediocredito Centrale), almost reaching 15,000 GT, will be delivered by late 2019.

Being the second unit exactly like the first one therefore she should be delivered by late 2020.

The chemical tanker ordered last December 2017 will be the first newbuilding operating on behalf of Marnavi Chem, company established last year by Marnavi subsequently joined by Simest with 4.5 million capital injection which granted CDP group's subsidiary 45% shares.

Major strategic target of the new partnership is investing in the renewal of Marnavi group's fleet, particularly focusing on petrochemical segment, by commissioning the construction of parcel chemical vessels, last generation ships capable to reduce gas emissions and consumptions.

As essentially occurred, after Simest joined Marnavi Chem, by placing the first Chinese order and recently considering to exert the related buying option.

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