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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
03/09/18 11:16

Hot summer for shipping professional associations

Wista International welcomed back the Panama chapter while the Propeller Club Port of Monaco celebrated the seasonal holidays

Panama re-joins global network of executive women in shipping

The Women's International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) International has reactivated Panama as a National WISTA Association (NWA) which joins 44 other NWAs and brings an important maritime center back to the global WISTA network.

Panama was previously deactivated due to a decrease in membership but now was re-established by President Verónica Valenzuela, General Manager and Legal Representative, Glencore Ltd.; Secretary Patricia Velásquez, Commercial Director and Deputy Registrar of Ships, Macosnar Corporation; Subsecretary Gianela Rivas, Partner, Moscoso & Partners; Treasurer Laura Durán, Commercial Manager, Canal Movers & Logistics Corp.; Subtreasurer Elvia Bustavino, Attorney Deputy Registrar of Ships IMMARBE, TORRIJOS & ASOCIADOS (Panama), Board Member Gabriela Araya, Director, SETIMSA; and Director Mireya De Troitiño.

WISTA has welcomed several new National Associations in Latin America this year. In addition to Panama, Peru, Venezuela, and Uruguay joined Argentina and Brazil in the region; the association also welcomed Japan in 2018. 

The Monegasque chapter of the Propeller Club toasted at the Country Club

The Propeller Club Port of Monaco held its traditional summer cocktail on the 14th of June in the beautiful surroundings of the Monte-Carlo Country Club.

Over 200 members and their guests gathered on the terrace of the club that commands a breath-taking sea view; they were treated to an assortment of finger food and a BBQ, all washed down with some delicious champagne and choice wines from the region, all this in a friendly ambience accompanied by a DJ providing a selection of good background music that made for a truly memorable evening.

The Propeller Club the United States, International Port of Monaco was founded in 1976 by a group of businessmen residing in Monaco and working in shipping, under the instigation of Baron Fabio Aliotti, the President of The Propeller Club, Port of Genoa.At the time of its creation, the Port of Monaco became part of The Propeller Club of the United States, the original founder of The Propeller Club in 1927.

The Monegasque chapter developed throughout the years; managers and staff of many internationally known shipping companies with offices in Monaco, such as Texaco, Olympic, Venus Shipping became members. Over one period one third of the world's fleet was represented, and the Club's membership grew to 120 members in 1999.

Presently resident and several non-resident members include shipowners, ship managers, technical staff, accountants, brokers, bankers, insurers, suppliers, all in the merchant marine and the cruise industry.

The Propeller Club of the United States, International Port of Monaco is striving to promote and support the shipping industry in Monaco by creating a platform for social contacts in a pleasant environment between  professionals active in the shipping and related industries through a varied program of conferences with high level speakers, invited locally and from abroad, and other events.

The Club business is managed by a Board of Governors of 12 members - elected every three years among the members - that meets when necessary to work out the club program and consider membership applications, currently the following members are part of the Board: Andrew Gallagher, president; Bo Rammer, vice president; Alexandre Albertini, secretary; Massimo Giovannini, treasurer; Giulio Rubesa; Ian Cranston; Ashley Cooper; Lance Fleischer; Marin Senjanovic; Luca Fanciulli; Matteo Di Maio; Pierre Zufferey.


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