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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
10/09/18 10:27

Half a century of Taiwanese container shipping

Taipei-based Evergreen Group celebrated its 50th anniversary of activity

Evergreen Group celebrated its 50th Anniversary today at the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation, home of the charity set-up by Evergreen Group Founder and Chairman Y.F. Chang, who passed away at the age of 88 years two and a half years ago.

In addition to senior executives and employees of the Group’s businesses, the event was also attended by public officials, customers and business agents from both the shipping and airline industries as well as representatives of supply chain partners from more than fifty countries.

Evergreen’s gratitude for its past success and expectations for a more prosperous future are fully demonstrated within the design of the event banner; the green waves cross the 50th anniversary insignia and the rhythmic lines show the magnificent energy of the ocean, symbolizing Evergreen’s continuous breakthroughs and innovative achievements through its development. The compass represents the corporate philosophy of Evergreen Group Founder, guiding employees to adhere to the company’s values and conquer obstacles along the way, sailing full steam ahead into the future. The pulsating dots, meanwhile signify the vitality of each business entity under Evergreen’s banner.

K.H. Chang of Evergreen International Corp. delivered the welcome address and thanked business partners and all employees for working hand in hand with Evergreen Group for past 50 years and expressed his gratitude to the general public for the support and encouragement, which helped Evergreen to achieve the scale of its business today.

Evergreen’s boss encouraged all staff to remain true to the founder’s values, keep pace with the times, and work together toward achieving the next milestone: a centennial anniversary.

Taiwanese Minister of Transportation and Communications Wu Hong-Mo, noted in his remarks that Evergreen Group builds a comprehensive shipping network and international flight routes, providing quality transportation service to facilitate world trade and serve the general public.

In addition to its core businesses, Evergreen Group is also devoted to charitable activities and giving back to society.

Evergreen Group evolved quite differently from its initial operation in marine transportation, when founder and Chairman Y.F. Chang, established Evergreen Marine Corporation on 1st September 1968. In the early years, the company encountered numerous hurdles, such as the fire that ravaged Ever Island, a lack of lending support from financial institutions and competitive monopoly of freight conferences.

In 1972 Evergreen launched Taiwan’s first Far East-Middle East liner service, helping local shippers transport their cargoes to the fast-developing Middle East region.

In 1979 it opened the Far East to Europe full container service as an independent carrier, breaking the monopoly of the Far Eastern Freight Conference.

In 1984 Evergreen launched the unprecedented two-way, round-the-world container services; this turned a new page in the history of the global marine transportation, establishing Evergreen as the world's largest container shipping line in 1985.

After building a solid foundation in shipping industry, Chang sought to expand Evergreen’s transportation service into the airline industry: on the 20th anniversary of Evergreen Marine, he announced his plan to invest and build the first privately owned airline in Taiwan, EVA Air.

In spite of numerous difficulties, including adverse smearing campaigns, the fledgling airline successfully took to the sky in 1991 and in just a few years expanded route network to many cities across Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.

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