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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
30/04/18 10:46

Grimaldi to purchase 6 new ro-ro ships and 3 ferries, while asking slots in Naples

While attending ALIS event in Sorrento, the group announced having ordered new ships to China-based Jinling yard and having sealed negotiations with New TTT Lines and Attica regarding Hellenic Seaways

Emanuele Grimaldi durante il convegno di ALIS a Sorrento

Sorrento (Naples) – Grimaldi Group launched a new plan of investment, slightly exceeding 400 million Euro, aimed at purchasing new ro-ro ships and second hand ferries

While attending “The two days of ALIS” in Sorrento, Emanuele Grimaldi announced having ordered Jinling shipyard six new ro-ro ships and having purchased ferry Cartour Gamma plus two further units taken over from Attica along with the sale of Hellenic Seaways, which recently received green light from the Greek Antitrust Authority.

“We are no longer looking for 500 but 1,000 Italian seafarers, in fact we've just negotiated  remarkable deals” stated Grimaldi, recalling that the group holds 20 ships under construction.

“New TTT Lines will shut down for having achieved negative results for years, while yesterday we formalized the purchase of ferry Cartour Gamma (worth 50 million Euro) to be engaged on the connections to Greece and will be recruiting 70 Italian seafarers. Moreover, our fleet will also welcome the Superfast 12, (worth 75 millions) and the largest hydrofoil in the world (worth 25 millions) capable to board 2,000 people and part of the deal selling Grimaldi's 49% shares in Hellenic Seaways. Finally we got back ro-ro Florencia which was serving New TTT Lines”.

In essence, these are the three ships that will need recruiting hundreds of seafarers, as announced by  the group when cross-talking with Vincenzo Onorato.

Regarding New TTT Lines workers' strike, Grimaldi also added: “I confirmed seafarers I'll be recruiting them on my ships shifted on the Brindisi - Igoumenitsa - Patras lines  under the second level contract of Grimaldi group which, according to unions, is one of the best in Italy. However, not all workers are willing to move to Naples”.

Regarding Naples port, Grimaldi announced they already applied for a concession on quay  ( through  New TTT Lines, still operating ex art.16) and until they won't be allowed to compete with other operators as peers, the Catania line will depart from Salerno.

“We don't intend paying someone just because they hold concession on quay and neither can risk calling at a public quay without being aware if it will be available”, Grimaldi said.

Besides the aforementioned second-hand shopping, the company also announced their investment for the construction of 6 out of 12 hybrid ro-ro ships to be manufactured at Jinling shipyard and ready for delivery as from 2020.

The latter 6 units will be exceeding 400 million Euro and three of them will be operated by  Grimaldi Lines in the Mediterranean, while the left three (ice-class category) will be purchased by subsidiary Finnlines to operate in the Baltic sea. 

“The new units will be 64,000 GT, 238 metres in length and 34 metres in breadth. They will be capable to carry 7,800 linear metres rolling cargo, namely 500 trailers” illustrates Grinaldi's statement.

“Loading capacity of these ships doubles the largest units currently operated by Naples-based group

and triples former generation units, with the same fuel consumption at the same speed: thus doubling performance”.

The new design of these ships, called Grimaldi Green 5th Generation (GG5G), was conceived by the group's Technical and Energy Saving Department supported by Shipbuilding and engineering firm Knud E. Hansen and merging already licensed elements with new ones protected by copyright.

“These are unprecedented hybrid ro-ro ships, namely propelled by fossil fuel during navigation and electric power when laying in ports, therefore ensuring zero emissions”.

When laying in ports these units can be powered by the sole energy stored by lithium batteries charged during navigation through shaft generators and peak shaving system, plus 600 square metres solar panels”.

These ro-ro units will be fitted with under-hull air flows systems generating bubbles under the ship, a sort of cushions to cut hydrodynamic resistance during navigation and consequently emissions.

The hull is painted with special non-toxic paint suited to reduce friction.

“Cutting consumption and emissions is a must for our group” commented Gianluca Grimaldi, President of Grimaldi group, heading the company together with Managing Directors Emanuele Grimaldi and Diego Pacella.

“This is the first time ever in the world that such powerful batteries, providing the energy generated by the ones installed on 90  Tesla cars, are fitted on ships” added Diego Pacella.

“We are proud these innovations will turn the GG5G hybrid ro/ro into the most innovative and efficient unit in the world”, concluded Emanuele Grimaldi.

Nicola Capuzzo

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