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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/10/18 10:40

Grimaldi to charter in two Aponte's car carriers

The MSC Immacolata and MSC Cristiana will be replaced on the Northern Europe–West Africa line by former Jolly units of Messina, currently operating between Trieste and Turkey

Athens – The MSC Immacolata and MSC Cristina, gas carriers built at South Korean STX Dalian shipyard and delivered Sorrento-based shipowner in 2011, had always operated on behalf of third parties until MSC determined deploying them directly on their unprecedented ro-ro line between Northern Europe and West Africa.

However, as announced by Manuel Grimaldi at the Euromed Convention - 22nd edition of Athens,  the two units operated on behalf of their owner for less than a year, in fact they will be shortly joining Grimaldi group of Naples.

“Chinese Yangfan yard is paying penalties for late delivery of the first (out of 7) ordered car carriers, however in the meantime we'll need new ships to replace them; the MSC Immacolata and MSC Cristiana were available on the market, therefore we determined chartering them in. We'll subsequently evaluate which lines they should be engaged on, however major flows run across  the Northern Europe – USA or Northern Europe – Africa lines”.

Nevertheless, as illustrated by Grimaldi, MSC's line between Northern Europe and West Africa won't be unattended, “the company controlled by Aponte will divert on that line the MSC Cobalto and MSC Titanio, con-ro units of the Jolly series (previously called Jolly Cobalto and Jolly Titanio, Ed.), chartered in by Messina group last March and currently engaged on the Trieste – Turkey ro-ro line operated in partnership with Ekol”.

For the time being nobody knows whether the Adriatic line will be operated by other ro-ro units or the connection will be only served by full-container units.


Francesco Bottino


TAG : Ro-ro