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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
11/06/18 13:02

Grimaldi splits with Xiamen and places a double-order with Jinling

Naples-based group has allegedly exerted buying options with the Chinese yard previously appointed for the construction of the first 6 dual fuel ro-ro units, thus ordering overall 12 GG5G ships

Grimaldi will allegedly order Chinese Jinling yard, recently appointed by Naples-based shipping company for the construction of the first 6 ships, the whole 12 GG5G (Grimaldi Green 5th Generation) ro-ro units, finally leaving Xiamen empty handed.

The huge investment, in highly innovative 64,000 dwt ships, with 7,800 linear metres capacity, equipped with a hybrid battery engine capable to clean out emissions during stopovers in ports, was originally announced by Grimaldi at the Euromed Convention in 2016, although negotiations with Chinese yards took almost two years before being sealed.

Finally, in late April, while attending ALIS (Association of Logistics and Sustainable Intermodality) convention in Sorrento, the company's number one, Manuel Grimaldi, announced having formally commissioned Jinling Shipyard (former Grimaldi's supplier) 6 GG5G units (3 for Grimaldi Lines and 3 for Finnlines), specially designed in collaboration with Danish Knud E. Hansen engineering firm, investing over 400 million dollars.

Grimaldi was granted an option for the construction of further 6 sister units, nevertheless the shipowner determined challenging Jinling to compete with Xiamen yard before ordering the new lot of eco-friendly ro-ro units.

Naples-based group didn't comment the news, however, according to Ship2Shore, Xiamen failed to provide an adequate offer, Grimaldi cancelled negotiation with the yard and exerted buying options with Jinling, commissioning overall 12 GG5G ro-ro units.

Delivery of these ships, worth 70 million dollars each, will start in 2020 (four per year until 2022).

Francesco Bottino

TAG : Ro-ro