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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
13/11/17 09:04

GNV launched its Livorno – Trapani line

The freight trade link will provide a twice-weekly service

GNV has launched as from November the 9th a twice-weekly freight trade link between Livorno and Trapani.

This is the company's fifth service to Sicily, besides the active (daily) lines connecting Palermo with Genoa and Naples, Civitavecchia with Palermo and Termini Imerese, and Naples with Termini Imerese, the latter being a weekly connection launched a few weeks ago and serving mostly carriers working in the fruit and vegetable sector.

“By opening this new Motorway of the Sea – company's Managing Director Matteo Catani explained – we aim at meeting Trapani-based transport companies' and logistics platforms' requirements, as they work in the Tuscan paper business chain and in the Western Sicilian wine business”.

The new line resulted from the collaboration between GNV and the Western Sicilian Sea Port Authority – both the company and the institution explained – that “aimed at traffic growth and at exploiting the complementarity of the ports of the network”.

“We are happy – Western Sicilian Sea Port Authority President Pasqualino Monti observed – for our new line because, despite the current lack of qualified port offers in terms of infrastructures, our ports are willing to take part in this project. We know that this path is filled with obstacles and that the growth phase that we have just started will be long and very demanding”.


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