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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
04/02/19 10:42

Giuliana Bunkeraggi, under composition with creditor, is negotiating a 'charter contract' agreement

Trieste tribunal granted 120 days to seal the deal and draw up a plan ensuring indirect continuity

Despite current liquidation procedure started few weeks ago (also affected by recent legal affairs which embroiled ex subsidiary Depositi Costieri Trieste – DCT), Giuliana Bunkeraggi might survive with a different structure: Trieste-based company was granted a conposition agreement with a reserve, targeting “corporate leasing”, while Trieste tribunal granted 120 days to find an interested company.

Negotiations are seemingly ongoing, although Frittelli Maritime group, first group seemingly involved in the affair, denied the fact.

According to Trieste Bankruptcy tribunal, as from January 18th, Giuliana Bunkeraggi – bunker trader and supplier operating in Trieste, Venice and Ancona, holding 7 ships and recruiting 40 employees – applied for a composition with creditors with reserve (ex art. 161, VI Bankruptcy law) due to current crisis and forthcoming developments.

After having evaluated the application and found no hindrances, the Tribunal appointed Extraodinary Commissioner (lawyer Ciro Carano of Trieste) – setting final deadline on May 18th.

As inferred in Trieste Tribunal's statements, Managing Director Franco Napp had allegedly started negotiations to 'charter in' the company, all assets and labour contracts, granting business continuity and seemingly also jobs.

In essence, the new plan should at least minimize occupational risks.

After his debut as bunker supplier in Ancona, Alberto Rossi, number one at Frittelli Maritime, announced their intention to expand to Trieste, where the group is already operating as shipagent , however Rossi confirmed  Ship2Shore they are not involved in the deal.

Giuliana Bunkeraggi, also holds 17% shares in TAMI, controlling 60% (the left 40% is held by the Authority) of Trieste Terminal Passeggeri, managed by Napp.

After TAMI recently joined MSC Crociere, taking over 36% from Unicredit, essentially also joining partnership with Costa Crociere (33%) and Generali (11%), Giuliana Bunkeraggi is strategically quite interesting to control majority shares in TAMI and gain TTP's 100% control.

Francesco Bottino

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