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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
23/03/20 10:14

German shipowner tries to comfort its crew

EMS-Fehn-Group’s helm sent a message to all vessels of its fleet to highlight the worse situation of seafarers in times of coronavirus

Manfred Müller, CEO of EMS-Fehn-Group, sent this message to all vessels of EMS-Fehn-Group to highlight the special situation of all seafarers in times of corona.

“Dear crew, coronavirus is the dominant topic for weeks and almost everyone has written almost everything about it. Let’s put all the hysteria, the fake news, the horror stories and the lame jokes aside and have a look at what really matters. All of us are used to a free live: we are allowed to go anywhere we like and meet anyone we want. This personal freedom has now been restricted in order to stop the spread of the virus. Social media are full of complaints, what hardship it means not to be able to visit your friends, not to go to the pub, not to watch your favorite football club.

What all those people forget is the fact that they are still extremely privileged.

There are people who even under normal conditions are not able to visit their friends, go to the pub or watch their favorite football club, i.e. seafarers.

And now the coronavirus puts even more limitations on them; they are not allowed to leave the ship and are confined to their vessel.

Many seafarers, whose contract run out, cannot fly home, because there are no flights.

And many, who wanted to go aboard and start earning money, cannot fly out to their vessel.

That is what I would call ‘hardship’.

Shipping is vital to keep our economies running and allows us a living standard as high as never before. But society often forgets the people who make shipping possible and that are the people on board. We certainly do not forget you: the staffs of Northwest Crewing and Fehn Ship Management are doing whatever possible to help you in this situation. They are in constant contact with our vessels and keep the captains updated on the latest developments.

I thank for your commitment in this difficult times and wish all of you and families good health”. EMS-Fehn-Group consists of 20 companies in 10 countries with offices in Leer, Papenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Dortmund, Lübeck, Feldkirch, Zurich, Bergen, Riga, Palermo, Rijeka, Durres, Skopje and St. Petersburg, and is active in chartering, logistics, heavy haulage, special transports, crane services, worldwide yacht transport, ship management, terminal operations, warehousing and crewing, employing 200 staff ashore and 100 aboard.