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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/01/18 10:07

From cranes' reel cables to the political scene

Bragagni (Tratos), a Tuscany native entrepreneur who moved to the United Kingdom, plays his cards in politics running for Italian Senate within European foreign committee

Despite telling to being particularly satisfied by his successful business, Tuscany-native manager and entrepreneur Maurizio Bragagni decided – rather unexpectedly to those who don't know his family – to run for the Senate European foreign committee.

Born in Arezzo, Bragagni moved to London a long time ago to develop Tratos Cavi business, he graduated in Law at Pisa university and attended an MBA at Class University of London, targeting to follow his relatives' career: he is nephew to Albano Bragagni, number one at Tratos and Mayor in Pieve Santo Stefano, near Arezzo, where Tratos Cavi originally established.

Bragagni announced his campaign at London In&Out club; he will run with Gabriella Carlucci,  a popular Italian TV star who already joined other political parties (Forza Italia, Pdl and Udc) and was a member of Parliament for three times.

“I was raised in Tuscany and although I've been living abroad for 15 years, Italy is still my country. My grandfather was a small farmer who's always dreamt of a better life for his sons, in that land our family still have a plant providing jobs and wealth.

As many Italian people, I soon realized that in order to make the most out of my skills I had to leave Italy, I worked hard and seized all opportunities abroad and became Managing Director in a British company; currently Britain is my new homeland but I still dream of Tuscany.

After the Brexit, in order to help Italian people living in the UK, I founded Il Club magazine and launched other similar initiatives, such as eSharelife, charity foundation set up to aid some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world. In essence, I wish to help Italian people abroad through my experience as a man, migrant and entrepreneur. I was encouraged to run for March 4th 2018 campaign by Deputy Prime Minister and friend who told me: “Never give up your own country”.

Should he won next election he would “focus on the Country's internationalization also supporting enterprises and citizens abroad. In order to foster the fourth industrial revolution, education should be turned into school – work interaction. It's no longer the age of school, work and retirement; school-to-work transition is necessary, we need to bet on entrepreneurship so as to make the most out of our brains”, concludes Bragagni.

Tratos Cavi SAS of E. Capaccini & Co. was founded in 1966 as copper wire drawing and subsequently started manufacturing telephone cables. After Eng. Albano Bragagni joined the company in 1975, Tratos started to turn into a big corporation, capable to meet market demand and provide all kind of cables: optical fibres, cables for the petrochemical industry, superconductors and, last but not the least, to provide ship-to-shore cranes' reel cables. The company is headquartered in Pieve Santo Stefano and London, with branches in China, Germany and Spain.

Angelo Scorza

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