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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
27/12/17 11:00

Freight forwarders and shipowners to join Confmare

Spediporto and Italia Marittima confirmed they will support the new Association founded by Confcommercio, which is actually causing great turmoil among the shipping cluster

Alesssandro Pitto

Alessandro Pitto, President of Spediporto, confirmed the news anticipated by Ship2Shore that Genoa-based Association of Freight Forwarders would have shortly joined newly-established Confmare.

“Last October we attended a preliminary meeting with La Spezia-based Forwarders Association and Federagenti in Rome after previous talks with Luigi Merlo (Manager for Institutional relations at MSC)” illustrates Pitto, also confirming that “next January we'll join Confmare”.

The president attempts smoothing any potential dispute with Confetra, pinpointing that Spediporto will still be member of the organization chaired by Nereo Marcucci, while also adding that: “Being  Gian Enzo Duci, vice-president of Confetra, Confmare’s team manager, no conflict of interest could exist”.

Meanwhile, few Genoa-based freight forwarders members of Spediporto confirmed they don't share some decisions taken by President Marcucci about the double tax in Genoa port (for which Alsea Association of Milan filed an appeal before the Regional Tribunal) and customs corridors (opposed by Spediporto itself); under this light, Spediporto's decision to join Confmare if not yet as a declaration of war, in essence it shows their deep disappointment for those moves.

As from early January, Confmare, founded to co-ordinate operators and firms part of Confcommercio, will also welcome, as predictable, shipping companies which previously left Confitarma.

As confirmed by Pierluigi Maneschi, helm of TO Delta group, illustrating that “as soon as their membership in Confitarma will expire, next January, Italia Marittima will join Confmare” and so will do Ignazio Messina & C. and Grandi Navi Veloci, and “seemingly some more”.

However a spokesperson of Messina group stated they won't join the new Association in January.

Before becoming a member of Confmare, shipowners will seemingly join Fedarlinea, whose statute will be amended to represent shipping companies providing deep sea services and not only short sea.

By its side terminal operators association Assiterminal will determine whether confirming their membership in Confindustria, as mostly coveted by President Luca Becce, or instead joining Confmare, as required by those companies somehow backed by MSC group. In this occurrence, some companies might leave and join Confcommercio, while others (with no relationships with MSC) might join Assologistica, which supports Confindustria  (where the lion's share goes to Contship Italia).

Confitarma will almost certainly lose GNV, Messina and Italia Marittima, while D'Amico group, which stepped out in 2017, might join Roma-based Association again.

Finally ALIS, Association of sustainable intermodal logistics, founded and chaired by Guido Grimaldi, has recently announced having welcomed Gefco Italia among other 1,300 members.

Nicola Capuzzo

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