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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
03/09/18 10:18

Enviable half-year for Gemak

Positive trend for the Turkish leading shiprepairs group

Gemak shipyards of Turkey have secured 65 shiprepair projects for the first half of the year 2018 from various shipowners for different vessel types and sizes; the most extensive portfolio originated from countries like Benelux, Brasil, Cyprus, Japan, Netherlands, and Singapore, explained a spokeperson of one of the most prominent shipyard groups globally. “We have the competitive strategies and activities that will strengthen our market focus, enhance service quality, and improve our management efficiency to expand our scope of business on the 50th anniversary”.

Apart from previously accommodated clients that are well-known companies such as MSC, MOL tankship, Eaglestar  (former AET), Seatrade Refeer N.V., Deme Group, Jan De Nul Group (JDN), Maersk Tankers, Topaz Energy and Transpetro now, Maersk Line has been added to the portfolio of one of the pioneers of Turkey’s shiprepair and conversion industry with its technology-based service, operational efficiency and the importance it assigns to innovation.

On the first half of this year, Gemak shipyards provided services for a wide range of ships from pure bulk carriers to sophisticated LPGs, dredger vessels, offshore platforms. A broad scope of the works included from the general docking, hull cleaning and painting, steel, outfitting and pipe renewals, mechanical and electrical works, carpentry works to competence required ballast water system installation, reefer upgrades and dredging equipment overhauls

With extensive technical infrastructure, engineering quality and relevant work experience Gemak shipyards strive its best to keep the pioneer position as the preferable yard in the Mediterranean for the unique type of vessels.

Seeveral were the most outstanding jobs; the Turkish shipyards have completed the major repair and modification of the Nordnes, a flexible fall pipe vessel. The scope of the works included heavy lifting operations of the bucket storage containers (BSC) and cargo boom.

Also the trailer suction hopper dredger vessels Breydel of Deme Group and Leiv Eiriksson of JDN, the biggest suction hopper dredger vessel in the World, got to repair and maintenance service.

Gemak shipyards also welcomed cable laying/trenching and offshore support vessel / subsea rock installation vessel Isaac Newton of JDN for trencher installation project which makes the ship capable for precise installation in challenging seabed environments.

Except for regular docking and maintenance works, Gemak shiprepair division have been piling up track records in retrofitting work for installation of ballast water management system (BWMS) for which demand is on the rise. The yards have experience in working on this specific field for about 35 vessels thus far and is piling up track records by handling engineering work utilizing 3D scanners on its own. In-house automated pipe fabrication and a dedicated engineering team just for BWMS installations strengthened Gemak’s competitive edge. 

Strategically located at the heart of Mediterranean, the group become Turkey’s rising value with its evolving development and investing more and more in its facilities to provide the best to its clients.  In Istanbul’s Tuzla Bay, where most shipyards are concentrated, Gemak has two yards, comprising Gemak Shipyard Tuzla and Gemak TGE Shipyard; it also operates Gemak Shipyard Altinova in the nearby emerging yard district of Yalova.

Gemak Group also has a team of in-house designers and engineers who represent the backbone of its design philosophy and culture. These emerging stars are supported by multidisciplinary teams at the TGE Research and Development Center, Turkey’s first and only R&D center subsidized by Government for the Maritime industry. 

By capitalizing on the high level of engineering capability, its handymax floating dock has been size converted in-house by Gemak engineers and ready to provide services for our clients with its upgraded condition and size. This floating dock was lengthened from 170 x 26 meters to 200 x 32 meters and thus increased its annual docking capacity by 10%.

The company expertise in conversion segment extended to the lengthening of ships, conversions from OBO carriers to the powership vessels, single hull tankers to double hull tankers and accommodation ship to flexible pipe laying vessel and tankers to bulk carriers. 

The other notable project carried on in 2018 involved the conversion projects of UN Ro-Ro ships.  Gemak Yards are decently busy for lengthening by 30 m these cargo vessels by building a new midship block of 1,130 tons; the next one will be third vessel in last two years, previously, UN Akdeniz and UN Cuneyt Solakoglu were successfully lengthened in 2017 as planned.

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