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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
20/05/19 15:10

Eduardo Voussolinos passed away prematurely

He was the owner of Agenzia Marittima Italo Scandinava in Genoa

Agenzia Marittima Italo Scandinava’s owner Eduardo Voussolinos passed away unexpectedly in his fifties due to a respiratory crisis.

The ship agent left his wife Yolanda and his daughter Elena and all those who knew and esteemed him since their youth.

This is the second tragedy for his family (of Hellenic origins though rooted in Genoa) since also Eduardo’s father had passed away prematurely some twenty years ago, forcing his son to take the reins of the family-run enterprise.

His ship agency was established in 1947 as shipping office of the Greek shipping company Niver Lines (which was taken over by the Group belonging to the entrepreneur Leonidas Demetriades) to manage imported timber traffics between Scandinavia and Italy, and it boasted the Greek shipowner Evgeni Eugenides – Home Lines’ founder – among its customers.

In an interview dating back to almost five years ago, Eduardo friendly welcomed us at the new company headquarters, with his loyal dog which used to escort him to work.

Angelo Scorza

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