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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
04/09/17 10:25

Edison to seek a new ship

The company called a tender for a gas tanker with a capacity of 27,500 cubic metres to be serving Oristano and Ravenna forthcoming hubs

In order to put into operation the new Ravenna-based LNG hub, planned by Edison in partnership with PIR of the Ottolenghi family, a further gas tanker will be required and the Italian energy operator (controlled by French EDF group) already started seeking the new unit.

As anticipated TradeWinds and confirmed Ship2Shore by a spokesman of the company, a tender for a gas carrier with a capacity of 27,500 cubic metres was recently called.

For the time being no further details were provided, however Edison is allegedly seeking a shipowner willing to order a newbuilding which complies with their technical specifications thus committing themselves to charter the new unit on a long term contract so as to repay the investment  borne by the shipping company.

The ship should be serving forthcoming LNG coastal storage points which Edison is planning to launch in Sardinia, Oristano (where the new project implemented by Higas is currently in progress) and particularly in Ravenna: should all required authorizations will be given, a new facility, planned by Edison in partnership with PIR, originally capable to store 10,000 cubic metres LNG, to subsequently reach 20,000 cubic metres after the doubling, would be launched by 2020.

The new coastal depot will be supplied by gas carriers with capacity ranging from 7,500 to 27,500 cubic metres and will serve emerging LNG markets by small scale ships and road tankers.

Ravenna hub will seemingly be supplied by Rovigo-based regasificator by means of forthcoming new gas tanker: the terminal is controlled by Adriatic LNG, of which 7.3% shares were recently sold by former shareholder, Edison, to SNAM (other partners are ExxonMobil, holding 70.7% and Qatar Petroleum, 22%).