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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
02/10/17 10:23

Damonte resigns; change of helm at Bureau Veritas

After 12 year at French classification society the Genoese manager looks for new challenges Alberto Moroncelli from Forlì designated to replace him as Marine Chief Executive for Italy

Genoa – Senior Vice President Marine & Offshore Division and Southern Europe manager Didier Bouttier organised an almost private farewell party at Museo del Mare in Genoa for outgoing Marine Chief Executive for Italy Vittorio Damonte who, after 12 years, leaves Bureau Veritas.

In the presence of all his colleagues in the various Italian branches, and of a few customers and specialised press representatives, the party that should have also been the occasion for the official  presentation of BV's new Marine Chief Executive Italy – Alberto Moroncelli from Forlì – focused on the experienced Genoese manager, who voiced his customary regret for the end of a satisfactory employment relation and concentrated on the company's objectives for Italy, as well as on his own future, starting from a brief retrospective.

“We did all this together. At BV people work in a family-like environment, maybe with little hierarchy, but giving the greatest contribution without saving energies, thus always achieving maximum results by working in team. This allowed us to triple the registered tonnage – that this year exceeded 4 million GT, expecting a further increase at the end of 2017 and at the beginning of 2018, with a few incoming “significant deals” – and to multiply our staff. I am a living example of how BV can enhance individual professionalism”.

Damonte, who is going to attend a Master in Business Administration to further improve his skills, did not provide any information about his professional future. “I am happy to leave the company in these conditions, also because my successor is more motivated than me, therefore BV Marine Italy's future will be even brighter. I will take a sabbatical to study and evaluate offers, and I might also choose to work in another sector”, the company's former manager explained.

In light of his specific experience in classification registers (12 years at BV and another 12 years at RINA), he acquired a know-how that in another sector would go wasted, but Damonte's yearn for success could make this possible.

As a matter of fact, probably the former Marine Chief Executive Italy gave up his job at BV because the French company did not support him in achieving new goals. Having achieved the expected results in the Marine Italian market, Damonte might have desired more prestigious positions. Since his possible transfer to India suggested before the summer did not take place, he decided to stop working for the French company.

For his part, BV's new Marine Chief Executive Italy Moroncelli did not divert attentions from his predecessor as he did not officially greet the audience, postponing his first public utterance.

Born in Forlì 47 years ago, with a degree in engineering at the University of Trieste, Moroncelli has been working for the group since 2005, first at its registered office in Neuilly-sur-Seine (Paris), and recently at its Venice headquarters. He had already worked in BV's offices in Genoa a dozen years ago, before being transferred to the French registered office.

Moreover, last July Moroncelli had already been the signatory on behalf of the French body to the convention with which the Italian maritime port administration within the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports renewed the five-year authorization to BV to provide statutory certifications of vessels registered in Italy.


Angelo Scorza

TAG : Registers