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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
05/11/18 10:47

Croatian government announced Fincantieri's interest in Uljanik

A letter of intent was submitted, in partnership with Brodosplit, to take part in the relaunching of the Rijeka and Pula shipyards


Ten months after the denial of the rumours published by the Croatian press, the Croatian government revealed that Fincantieri is interested in the naval engineering group Uljanik.

Minister of Economy Darko Horvat had recently disclosed Fincantieri's offer related exclusively to the Rijeka 3.Maj shipyard, explaining that accepting an offer just for one of the group's poles would have been impossible.

On October the 30th, however, Darko Pappo – within the top management of the Croatian group DIV, owner of the Split-based shipyard Brodosplit – revealed to the Croatian press that his company submitted an expression of interest in the entire Uljanik group in partnership with Fincantieri.

The letter of intent does not go into much detail, also because the situation is still evolving following the rejection of the group's restructuring plan on the part of both Croatian Government and of Brussels, causing Uljanik President of Management Board Gianni Rossanda to resign.

A new plan should be drawn up shortly, although a management turnover is being carried out, while the 4,500 group's employees are striking due to the interruption of salary payments since last September.

As concerns Fincantieri's interest announced by the Croatian government, the Trieste-based naval engineering giant opted for a “no comment”.



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