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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
23/03/20 10:06

Costa Luminosa finally reached Savona

84 people are quarantined. Costa Pacifica arrived in Genoa, while Venice denied access to Victoria

Three Costa Crociere’s ships are about to conclude their itineraries before the complete suspension decreed by the company in order to contain COVID-19 epidemic: Luminosa, Pacifica and Victoria.

Costa Luminosa arrived in Savona on Sunday morning, after having recorded several infections during two different cruises: one person died in the Cayman Islands, two passengers disembarked in Puerto Rico and three in Tenerife. On Saturday, some 700 people left the ship in Marseille: all French passengers and several passengers of different nationalities, in particular Americans and Canadians. The others (718 and some 800 crew members) disembarked in Savona: Ligurian passengers, or passengers living in Central-Northern Italy, while as concerns passengers of other nationalities the Italian Government is trying to find the best solution to allow them to get back home.

Switzerland sent two coaches in Savona to transport 80 Swiss passengers. The major problems concern 84 people (41 passengers and 43 crew members) who are showing symptoms and are onboard in quarantine, as well as non-EU passengers. Liguria Region President Giovanni Toti declared: “We have already made clear that Liguria cannot handle the problem alone, neither from a health perspective nor with regard to its Civil Protection. Our Region ranks fourth in Italy for infections. So far, we are coping with the situation, but this could be the last straw because we do not have enough beds to take care of passengers needing hospitalization. Consequently, once passengers are transferred by protected transport, the ship will either sail for other ports where hospitals have more beds or, if it remains in Savona, passengers who might show symptoms requiring hospitalization will be transferred outside Liguria”.

The ship is authorized to remain in the port for 48 hours, therefore it will have to sail on Monday morning.

The cruise ship Costa Pacifica arrived in the port of Genoa transporting 2359 passengers and no recorded case of persons showing symptoms: the company announced that it organized flights and transfers to allow cruise passengers to get back home immediately.

On the other hand, Costa Victoria, which sailed from India, is expected in Venice on March the 28th. “The ship will not be allowed to moor because some of its 1,400 passengers are probably sick. We would like to show solidarity, but at present we are not able to provide the necessary treatments”, Veneto Governor Luca Zaia explained. However, the news concerning the presence of sick people or of passengers showing symptoms onboard was not officially confirmed.