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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
02/10/17 10:24

Corsica Ferries makes debut in Spain

In April 2018 an unprecedented ferry service between a French port and the Balearic islands will be launched between Toulon and Majorca,

After having strengthened its Tyrrhenian lines during past summer season, Corsica Ferries, whose corporate structure is currently undergoing an intricate restructuring plan, developed a further, unprecedented, initiative, namely starting up a new direct link between Toulon-France and the isle of Majorca in the Balearic islands.

“We've never operated any line to the Iberian peninsula and, as far as we know, for the time being no services are available between any French port and the Balearic islands”, Raoul Zanelli Bono, Marketing manager at Corsica Ferries, told Ship2Shore.

For this particular reason we have great expectations: “Firstly we'll turn to the French market, nevertheless we confide we'll be also able to take in German and Italian passengers, particularly from the North West of the country: we'll offer a new product which didn't exist before”.

The new bi-weekly rotation will set off on April 21st, 2018 departing on Tuesday and Saturday from Toulon (overnight trip) to return the subsequent day.

It will be operated at least until mid September, “however, it might even last longer” Zanelli Bono guessed.

Two ferries of the Mega class, capable to grant high cruising speed, will be serving the new line: “We managed re-scheduling our ships deployment after a new entry, flagship Pascal Lota, recently joined the fleet”.

Evaluating last season, Corsica Ferries Marketing Manager also announced that “Piombino-Porto Vecchio and Piombino-Golfo Aranci lines, launched last spring, recorded very positive figures and will definitely be confirmed next summer”.

Francesco Bottino

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