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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
29/10/18 10:51

Confitarma to welcome back d’Amico

Rome-based shipowning group's departure from the Italian Association of Shipowners has finished after little more than a year

As anticipated by Ship2Shore, after having submitted the required application, the Association unanimously approved d’Amico's request which finally re-joined Confitarma.

This decision, formalized today, resulted from “a straightforward debate focused on the Italian and international shipping problems, while the d'Amico family particularly appreciated President Mattioli's commitment, who listed their return within the Association among his primary aims”.

Paolo and Cesare d’Amico, President and Managing Director at d’Amico Società di Navigazione, particularly eulogized the helm of the Association and his efficient team.

“The d’Amico family has always had very close relations with Confitarma whom we shared very tough time with but also achieved great success. We currently share mutual aims on which we'll be working together”, conclude the d'Amicos.

Meanwhile, Mario Mattioli, President of Confitarma, described the group as a “milestone” within the association also due to the company's three Presidents.

“We are particularly proud to list this renowned global corporation among our members again - added Mattioli - we recognize their entrepreneurial value and substantial help they'll provide the Association to protect the Italian shipowning industry”.



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