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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
13/05/19 11:08

CMA CGM to rearrange Mediterranean-Central America services

MedCar and Med-US Gulf loops, both calling in Italy at Genoa (Spinelli) and Leghorn (TDT), will be merged and served by larger units

CMA CGM determined rationalizing their services between Mediterranean and Central America, currently encompassing two different loops, both calling at Genoa Port Terminal of Spinelli group and TDT  Leghorn.

The first one is the MedCar loop, which – operated in partnership with Marfret – is currently calling once a week at Algeciras (Spain), Leghorn, Genoa, Marsseilles (France), Barcelona (Spain), Valencia (Spain), Pointe a Pitre (Guadalupe), Fort de France (Martinica), Cartagena (Colombia), Manzanillo (Panama), Moin (Costa Rica), Turbo (Colombia), Pointe a Pitre (Guadalupe) and again Valencia (Spain); the link is served by 6 units reaching 2,500 TEU capacity.

The second loop is the Med-US Gulf, calling once a week at Leghorn, Genoa, Barcelona, Valencia Veracruz (Mexico), Altamira (Mexico), Houston (USA), New Orleans (USA), Valencia (Spagna) and Leghorn; it is served by 8 ships with capacity ranging from 5,000 to 6,000 TEU.

The two rotations should be shortly merged in a single loop which – according to Dynaliners – will actually be the MedCar, cancelling Turbo-Colombia and adding Houston, Veracruz and Caucedo (the Dominican Republic)

The new rotation will essentially be calling at: Algeciras (Spain), Leghorn, Genoa, Marseilles (France), Barcelona (Spain), Valencia (Spain), Fort de France (Martinica), Pointe a Pitre (Guadalupe), Caucedo (Repubblica Dominicana), Cartagena (Colombia), Veracruz (Messico), Houston (USA), Moin (Costa Rica), Manzanillo (Panama) and Algeciras, with 8 ships reaching 6,700 TEU capacity.


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