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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
09/10/17 10:25

CMA CGM brings to Genoa a new ro-ro line from Morocco

The Stena Carrier and Ark Forwarder were chartered in to call at Terminal Rinfuse where Spinelli recently received a temporary authorization to handle rolling cargoes and containers

French liner CMA CGM is getting ready to launch a new rolling cargo service from Morocco to Marseilles and Genoa, calling at Terminal Rinfuse where Spinelli group has recently received a temporary authorization to handle ro-ro and containers.

The new line – pinpoints the French company in a statement – is called Morocco Express 1/2/3 and will enter the market as “an extremely competitive alternative to road transport across Spain, due to a high reliability and low environmental impact”, shipowner said.

The service offers 3 different loops: the first one operated all year round, will connect Casablanca and Tangier to Marseilles, providing 3 weekly departures from Morocco deploying a ship capable to carry 180 trailers.

The second rotation, also operating all year round, will connect Tangier to Marseilles and Genoa with two weekly departures from Italy and France and also capable to 180 trailers.

The third, weekly loop will be operating from November to April from Tangier and  Port-Vendres (France) with a capacity of 65 trailers/ship.

CMA CGM didn't confirm the names of engaged units, however, according to  Ship2Shore, after preliminary interest in the Wedellsborg of Visentini, unsuited to such commitment, the French company allegedly sealed one year charter contract for the Stena Carrier (2,700 linear metres built in 2004) and Ark Forwarder (2,700 linear metres, built in 1998 at Società Esercizio Cantieri di Viareggio), at 16,500 Euro daily freight.

The first ship was previously operated by Grendi and the second one used to support GNV's cargo unit during summer season.

The two ships will be serving the first and second loop, while the third one will be operated by the Mont Ventoux (2,250 linear metres, built in 1996) chartered for 24 months as from November.

The first two ro-ro units will depart simultaneously from Tangier and Marseilles, the ship heading for Liguria will call at Ponte Rubattino, area of Terminal Rinfuse Genova (TRGE) on which Port System Authority granted Spinelli – new reference shareholder in TRGE (44% shares), together with MSC Group (36%), and Italiana Coke of Augusto Ascheri (20%) - a 3 months temporary authorization, to be renewed by further 3, to handle rolling cargoes and containers on quays exclusively committed to bulk trading (based on the enforced business plan).

Decision was taken during last Port Network Management Committee, alongside a larger technical and operational procedure, asked for by Spinelli, on which the Authority will have to take final decision considering objections submitted by other operators (Superba, PIR group).

Francesco Bottino

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