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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
13/05/19 12:40

Changes at the helm of the association Promotori Musei del Mare

After two 3-year mandates, President Roberto Giorgi left the helm to Mauro Iguera, while the leading Mediterranean sea museum expanded its assets by acquiring Genoa’s Lighthouse, and the association recorded another positive balance

Genoa – Besides ratifying its 2018 operating result (recording a slight profit), during its annual meeting for the approval of the financial statements the Promotori Musei del Mare Association also appointed a new President.

After two three-year mandates, President Roberto Giorgi (Honorary Chairman of V.Ships and Fraser Yachts) decided not to present his candidature due to logistic needs (he works in Monaco).

The Genoese manager preferred to give way to a local President who can safeguard the association’s interests like Cambiaso Risso Managing Director Mauro Iguera, who proudly accepted the office.

Meanwhile, the leading Mediterranean maritime museum further increased its assets: besides the Galata Sea Museum, the Commenda di Pré and the Pegli Naval Museum, the Museums of the Sea and Migration (Mu.Ma.) can now rely also on the Lighthouse of Genoa.

A Neapolitan company recently won the competition to create the Italian Emigration section.

The “Sea and Migration” institution also signed an agreement with the Municipality of Catanzaro for the creation of a large Sea and Marine Traditions Museum in Calabria, close to the Port of Catanzaro Marina.

The greatest attraction of this museum will be a Sauro-class submarine donated by the Italian Ministry of Defence Navy General Staff, which can be visited. The project will be completed with the collaboration of the Mu.MA, acting as a technical advisor with regards to scientific and museological aspects and providing consulting services based on its the know-how acquired in managing the Galata museum and through its various national and international collaborations.

In fact, the Genoese museum department is twinned with several similar international bodies in Oman, Zanzibar, Hamburg, Pivka (Slovenia), Tallinn (Estonia) and, possibly Odessa (Ukraine) in the near future following a recent visit of its delegation.

The upcoming events will be Festival del Mare (16-18 May) and the interview with Cecilia Battistello (May 30th).

The Promoters association is determined to continue its divulgation activity started 15 years ago.

As Vice-President Maurizio Daccà recalled, when, in 2015, the Museum was transfer at Galata, its halls were almost empty, while now there is not enough room to store all its treasures, including the “Navigare nell’Arte” hall donated last year by the Paolo Clerici Foundation.

Besides their Treasurer Pierluigi Ferrari, the Promoters association appointed the new Directors Carlo Cameli and Roberto Cavanna, who will join the other 14 directors confirmed in office, while Ugo Salerno, Tullio Biggi, Eugenio Kielland, Simona Coppola, Filippo Gaslini and Enrico Mattarella left office.

The association also has a seat at the Mu.Ma’s Board, including Daccà and Ferrari themselves, together with Marco Novella, Paolo Clerici and Andrea Corrado. 

The association, boasting 68 members and aiming at achieving 80 members first, and then 100, has also a very intense social activity, as testified by its Secretary General Anna Dentoni.

Angelo Scorza