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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
29/07/19 11:04

Caronte & Tourist's Croatian link is still at a dead end

Manager Sergio La Cava accused local authorities of obstructionism to the launching of the new line

The development project of ferry company Caronte & Tourist in Croatia is at a dead end.

Following initial difficulties to moor the double-headed ferry Gianni Franza in the port of Rijeka, July the 15th should have been the launching of a new link with the Porozina island in Croatia.

However, the Messina-based company criticized the stalemate with local authorities. "We are the the mercy of bureaucracy and of the Rijeka local authorities' stubbornness", Caronte & Tourist manager Sergio La Cava declared.

"Obstacles are not over yet because, although the navigation line was authorized by the Croatian Ministry, local institutions are trying to hinder us. We sent the necessary documents several months ago, but they are not granting us a cabotage permit. On top of that, they are now requiring us to find a Croatian captain immediately who, in order to sign on under the 'Italian flag', needs a special certificate".

La Cava also pointed out that, "despite all these difficulties, with the help of the Italian embassy of Zagreb, I managed to find the captain and to send him 200 km away from Rijeka to obtain said certificate".

The captain, meeting all the necessary requirements, signed on the ship, and all the necessary documents were sent to the Croatian ministry in compliance with their request. However, according to Caronte & Tourist, the Ministry did not grant the cabotage permit, thus providing local port authorities and coast guards with an excuse for not authorizing the necessary mooring tests to launch the line.

"The company Caronte & Tourist will not leave the port of Rijeka until EU regulations are complied with, also with the help of the Italian government. We might even adopt sensational forms of protest", La Cava concluded.

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