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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
04/06/18 10:22

Carige and MSC signed an agreement on Messina debt

A newco, participated by Aponte with a capital injection and gathering the fleet, will be set up

La nave MSC Cobalto noleggiata da Messina a MSC

Banca Carige and MSC group overcame a further obstacle, probably the toughest, in the long and intricate path which will finally drive Geneve-based giant, founded by Gianluigi Aponte, to join partnership with Messina group.

After months of transactions a 450 million Euro debt restructuring plan was sealed between the Bank and Ignazio Messina & C. shipping company.

Based on the new agreement MSC will join partnership with Messina and debt will be rescheduled so as to renegotiate Genoa-based group's debt with other Banks.

As already reported by Ship2Shore last November, a newco participated by Aponte through a capital injection and gathering all or part of the assets (ships) will be founded

Moreover, preliminary operating synergies between MSC and Messina have started already, in fact Geneve-based liner chartered two con-ro units to serve the new Turkey-Trieste link, while diverting few lines to use CONATECO terminal of Naples and the Intermodal Marine Terminal of Genoa.

Back to Banca Carige's non performing loans granted to the shipping industry, the Bank helmed by CEO Paolo Fiorentino will shortly write off the loan granted Scerni di Navigazione (2 tankers) to be subsequently followed by Finbeta of Savona.



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