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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/10/18 11:00

Big profit in six months time for Nova Marine Carriers

Romeo very close to offload for $10m the bulk carrier Sider Boston bought last spring

Lugano-based Nova Marine Carriers group is expected to obtain an important capital gain through the sale of one of two 2011-built handysize bulk carriers bought just six months ago.

Brokers sources report this week that the Sider Boston (ex North Wind) is being sold to an unidentified Greek buyer for some $10m and this price is in line with the estimation made by MSI eValuator ranging from 10.1 to $12.5m for this asset. The ship was purchased last spring by Romeo-controlled Nova Marine Carriers en block with the sister ship (renamed Sider Miami) for a total price of $17.5m thus generating now a profit of $1.2m if the sale price will be confirmed at $10m.

Sources familiar with the deal confirmed that negotiations for the sale of the Sider Boston are in a very advanced stage.

Nicola Capuzzo

TAG : Bulker