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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
29/04/19 11:20

Bartolotti’s offshore fleet is back on the right track

Micoperi’s Chairman announced a profit, after three years of losses, setting further ambitious market targets, confiding the Italian Government makes more cautious choices about drilling activities

Ravenna – It is not by chance that Micoperi’s booth at the OMC 2019 Exhibition in Ravenna was one of the most crowded. As a matter of fact, during the three days of the Mediterranean offshore kermess, several customers, suppliers and partners visited the booth of the Ravenna-based company headed by Silvio Bartolotti as it deals with oil & gas, despite what is happening in Rome.

In this respect, Bartolotti still hopes that the Italian Government will change its mind about energy policies, also in light of what happened during the recent OMC 2019, with an initiative launched by Lega Nord MP Gianluca Pini, who received a very specific request from a delegation of companies headed by Ravenna Offshore Contractors Association (ROCA) president Franco Nanni.

“We need to start a direct dialogue with the executive branch of the Government to provide it with exact information about the drilling sector, setting all stereotypes and prejudices aside. To that end, I attended a round table with some 15 leading companies to draw up a dossier which was submitted to the Italian Government to illustrate our suggestions related to eco-compatible solutions”, explained the entrepreneur and Micoperi’s Chairman since 1996.

“We need to remove the negative effects of the decisions taken hastily and without knowledge of their consequences. We believe that our suggestions can be accepted.

The point is that the whole world is using energy resources derived from gas, and nobody recognizes their possible negative effects”.

Bartolotti pointed out that the off-shore market is recovering worldwide and voiced his partial concern.

“Our market is 100% foreign; we work in Egypt, Libya, Congo, Ghana and Mexico. Our company boasts over 1,600 employees and 18 owned ships. We closed 2018 with a turnover of 130 million euro and, above all, we recorded profits after three consecutive years of losses”, Bartoletti rightly rejoiced.

“This is due to the effective policy adopted over time based on the allocation of the profits earned during the years preceding the crisis, on the reduction of costs and on the implementation of the maximum operational and management autonomy policy. The financial world does not always accept our requests. Probably analysing our sector is complicated, therefore some bank institutions do not support us because offshore companies are erroneously regarded as being at risk”, Micoperi reference shareholder concluded.

Angelo Scorza 

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