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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
18/03/19 16:34

Barilla started a collaboration with Grendi

Parma-based food multinational company outsourced the distribution to an operator other than Number 1, applying the “one-third rule”

Established in 1877, Parma-based Barilla Group entrusted storage and distribution activities of its products in Sardinia to Grendi.

In fact, in July 2018 the maritime and road transports and logistics company incorporated in Genoa in 1828, with an operating branch in Cagliari, was awarded a tender contract and replaced Barilla’s logistics operator Number 1. Grendi manages the depot and the distribution of the Villacidro (Cagliari) Barilla’s warehouse since October the 1st 2018.

“On March the 1st we transferred all goods to our new warehouse in the Canal Port of Cagliari, from whence we will carry out all the medium-small sized deliveries in Sardinia, managing Barilla’s and First’s depot and distribution, as well as Number 1’s transit point”, managing director Costanza Musso confirmed to Ship2Shore.

In the first week-end of March we transferred 3,000 pallets of goods, 30 motor vehicles, 40 warehouse employees and all the transports & administration management team from the previous Grendi’s Cagliari headquarters.

This will allow us to start distribution activities in time, thus ensuring the uninterrupted presence of products at sales points.

“It is the first time that Barilla outsources its second level distribution to an operator other than its trusted logistics services supplier, however this long-term project provides that the principal complies with the 'one-third rule', i.e. never amount to more than a third of its suppliers’ turnover and never entrust more than a third of a specific business to a single supplier”.

Consistently with its mission summarized in the slogan “Good for you, Good for the planet”, Barilla found the ideal solution to reduce the environmental impact of the distribution process compared to its previous network.

“Grendi is very satisfied to have been chosen by a customer like Barilla, but this is also a challenge requiring us to aim at excellence and constant improvement”, Musso concluded.

At the end of December 2018, the almost bicentenary group received 2 new translifters with their related fifth wheels. “These units perform better than others, and above all they are safer. The investment is significant, but we have always used the best technologies”, the other managing director Antonio Musso explained.

The tractors combined to the new units are Terberg RT 283 4x4, featuring latest generation state 4, Euro 6 286 hp Volvo engine (compulsory in ports from this year), while Safe Roll translifters are safer for operations on board.

At the end of October 2018, Grendi celebrated its 190th anniversary (as freight forwarder) in Marina di Carrara with all its employees coming from Cagliari, Sassari, Genoa, Milan and Bologna. The party was attended by all the 110 workers and by the crew of the flagship Rosa dei Venti.

Angelo Scorza

TAG : Logistics