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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
06/08/18 10:05

Balearia to invest into green propulsion

The Spanish company will invest 60 million euro in switching to natural gas the engines of 5 ferries

Balearia is to invest into green propulsion by investing 60 million euro in switching to natural gas the engines of 5 ferries (Nápoles, Abel Matutes, Sicilia, Bahama Mama and Martin i Soler) over the next two years so they - propelled by this fuel – can reduce contaminating emissions by 45,000 tonnes of CO2 and 4,400 tonnes of NOx and completely eliminate sulphur and particle emissions.

The first ferry to be adapted for a gas-propelled engine will be Nápoles during next winter beaching. Balearia expects to have 9 ships sailing with this energy within three years.

The Spanish company is also studying another 2 LNG projects and is building 2 smart ships at Italy’s Visentini shipyard, the first of which will be in operation starting next February.

Balearia has been working on liquified natural gas-related projects since 2012; being a founding member of the Spanish Natural Gas for Mobility Association (GASNAM), created in 2013, it has strategic agreements with Gas Natural Fenosa (with which it has an exclusive 10-year LNG supply contract) and Rolls Royce and Wärtsilä (to build engines).

The first LNG energy generator was installed last year in a passengership, Baleria’s Abel Matutes, and an LNG training plan was implemented for ship crew and inspectors in 2015.