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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
01/10/18 10:55

“As ONE we can”

The new Japanese 'Magenta' line, merger among three old dating Asian shipping companies, presents Italy Branch newco in Genoa


On September 21st all Italian customers served  by the three Japanese container shipping companies (MOL Mitsui Osk Line, Kawasaki K Line and NYK Nippon Yusen Kyokai) were invited to the formal presentation of ONE's (Ocean Network Express) new Italian branch, newco founded from the ashes of the aforementioned companies.

In essence, Italy Branch (established in Genoa in Via De Marini new headquarters), controlled by ONE Ocean Network Express (Europe) Ltd., invited all business partners (including suppliers) at Villa Zerbino, where country manager Angelo Chiarlo arranged an amazing Japanese-style party.

“Tonight we are celebrating a newco, founded after a very long and tough time; we succeeded in establishing a strong company capable to compete in a highly demanding sector without seeking for redundancies” illustrates Chiarlo, adding that the new group merged three branches in Genoa, never.

An essential detail (considering the tough spending-review which has been drastically affecting workers) particularly appreciated by the company's 100 recruited workers and by Genoa's vice-major Stefano Balleari, also attending the event.

“After having settled in former shipagents' premises during the first semester, – the merger among MOL + K Line and NYK  was formalized in July 2017 and started operating last April 1st – on September 3rd all 103 workers joined together at the 11th floor of the WTC and started team-building activities so as to offer customers a positive service”, states Genoa-native manager, who started his career by joining various forwarding agents and subsequently achieved 17-years experience at Maersk and 10 at MOL.

“Our major atout will be given by our customer care services. We recruited many young employees who represent a value added to be turned into a competitive key factor” concluded Chiarlo, before passing the microphone to one of his Japanese partners.

Directly from London Yoichihiro Tatsumi read his speech in Italian, thanking everybody.

Meanwhile Ship2Shore met Agostino Gallozzi, Roberto Spinelli, Fabrizio Parodi, Alberto Banchero and Alessandro Pitto, VTE and GIP's management.

Three major innovations were announced by Chiarlo “We'll be offering again those services from Genoa to the Far East which we had disrupted when we merged, by the end of this year they should be calling our port”.

In essence, the aforementioned services are the MD1 and MD2 which were split between Italy and Spain a few months ago and will be both returning to Italy, allegedly calling at SECH terminal.

“We also sealed an agreement with Ocean Alliance (encompassing China Cosco Shipping, Evergreen Line CMA CGM and OOCL, Ed) to load 8,000 TEU ships, therefore doubling capacity to the United States.

Finally we also sealed an accord with Hapag Lloyd to run a joint-service from Southern Mediterranean, implementing adequate synergies aimed at blending volumes coming from Italy, Turkey and Egypt within regional feeder services” and that was the icing on the cake arranged by the Japanese company, whose Italian branch is being run by four managers reporting directly to Chiarlo: Roberto Giovannetti, Customer Services; Marco Torretta, Operations; Matteo Pacchiarotti, Sales; Alessandro Spagnol, Finance, Caterina Biancolella, HR & General Affairs, who were short-listed after an attentive recruitment.

Three billion dollars base capital, formally headquartered in Singapore, reaching overall 1.44 million TEU loading capacity in terms of slots on board over 250 containerships (half of which on property), providing 85 loops and a global network connecting over 200 ports and calling 100 countries.

In order to overpass very powerful competitors, the Japanese company is betting on quality, even in the Magenta colour they chose for their fleet.

ONE Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd. is helmed by top manager Jeremy Nixon, who summarized how someone in Japan might have suffered when renowned old dating companies disappeared from the global limelight.

“We cannot resemble in size giant groups operating in this sector, however we wish to be big enough to survive and small enough to be providing a tailor made service, as confirmed by ONE's slogan  “As ONE we can”, pinpoints the new British CEO.

“ONE is our name and our purpose. Together with customers and partners we'll tackle all challenges as ONE we'll continue merging countries and regions together through our business”.

 Angelo Scorza


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