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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
09/10/17 11:40

Arkas to transfer a service to Vado Ligure and La Spezia

The route connecting with North Africa will leave Terminal San Giorgio Genoa and Terminal Darsena Toscana Leghorn

The Turkish shipping company Arkas is going to transfer its service calling at Genoa (Terminal San Giorgio) and Livorno (Terminal Darsena Toscana) to the ports of Vado Ligure (APM terminal) and La Spezia (Terminal del Golfo).

"Arkas line is pleased to announce that starting from m/v Reecon Whale, currently scheduled for October the 28th 2017, IAS Italy Algiers Service will change its rotation replacing the ports of Livorno and Genoa with La Spezia Terminal del Golfo and Vado Ligure" Arkas notified, adding that "the frequency will not undergo changes, confirming a weekly departure".

The operating vessels are two 2,000 TEUs container ships (Martine A and Reecon Whale).

The disembarkation ports Algeri Port Sec and Algeri Port Centre will remain unchanged, with 5-6 days transit time, and the same ships will carry also the load heading to Orano, through Valencia transhipment port, with transit time of approximately 15 day, both for Port Centre and for Port Sec. The decision to call at Spezia and Vado Ligure terminals was probably influenced by Cosulich Group which, directly or indirectly (through Cosco), holds shares in the companies managing La Spezia Terminal del Golfo and the former Reefer Terminal in Vado Ligure.


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